The white gull

As the famous song of Legolas goes, “the wind is blowing and the white gulls are crying”. That wasn’t the inspiration for the outfit though, but that I found some of the best white dyeable pieces in the game. Outfit aficionados know how difficult it is to find items that dye a pure white in lotro, 90% of them having a grey base or whatever other color base that results in a washed out color, typically greenish. Not this set! The dyeable parts dye a solid color, and it is so satisfying to see a true white contrast with the steel blue. Pity for the yellow sash, but at least the yellow portion of the helmet matches it. Oh, and high elf dance 3… I find it kind of ridiculous seeing it in live action, but it does make for some cool screenshot poses. Reminded me of a bird in flight, hence the title of the post

head: Padded Coif of the Towers, steel blue dye, barter from quartermasters in Allegiance Halls

shoulders: Heavy Nadhin shoulders, steel blue dye, barter in Dol Amroth

chest: Breastplate of the Golden Forest Defender, white dye, barter from the Curator

hands: Breastplate of the Golden Forest Defender, white dye, barter from the Curator

feet: Breastplate of the Golden Forest Defender, white dye, barter from the Curator

back: Cloak of Many Worlds, gift from the world consolidation 2015



The Dáinlik is a point of interest within the Iron Hills. Or recent constructions, many dwarven labourers endeavor to carve this massive, impressive statue from the very rock of the hill where it oversees all of the region as it’s living counterpart Dain Ironfoot did for many years. This woman of the Chayasir, the easterling tribe recently settled in the Fold, is fascinated by it and has planned an excursion to see it up close. and admire the view from its topDressed in brown, her attire betrays little of the fancy, colorful clothing of her people, save for the turban protecting her head fashioned in the eastern style, fastened by a bejewelled circlet. A simple tunic in the fashion of the dwarves provides practicality over vanity, as do the boots and her gauntlets holding her daggers (useful also as punters to heave herself on the most treacherous rock formations). The big backpack on her back holds an extra pickaxe, for who knows there might be a rock formation hiding precious gems or a glittering vein to mine… Not the easiest road, but the panorama is well Worth the trek.Using daggers as punters for spelunking may be a little abstract but… I liked the idea 😛 this is a very down-to-earth outfit, but that’s the challenge, trying to make in interesting with the addition of an exotic touch. Fortunately the beorning shoulders match the blue of the headgear so it doesn’t look too out of place. I forgot how high one can go up the Dainlink, you can really see the whole region and more from up there!

head: Helm of the Osgiliath Shield, umber dye, Dome of stars tier 2

shoulders: Well-used shoulders, umber dye, breorning starter gear

chest: Swift hauberk of the Dwarf Holds, quest reward

hands: Lesser secret of the West gauntlets, umber dye, barter in Harndirion

feet: Nightshade boots, umber dye, Dunland quest reward

back: Dwarf-make prospector pack, umber dye, anniversary reward

Summer festival 2019 rewards preview

Say goodbye to the lukewarm breeze of spring to be immersed into the blazing hot of summer sun once again as this year’s summer festival just started. We have a good sized loot pool of cosmetics to choose from this year. I listed both items from regular activities and seasonal instances. The barters are near each other at the Party Tree plus the tokens are different. I used red and green dyes to show dyeable areas



Dressing up for Harvestmath: Black Owl of Mordor

I know what you may be thinking! Gloredh did you hit your head or something? It’s June not October! Weeeellll… yes, but who’s to say I can’t make Halloween costumes in summer XD It is very out of season but inspiration just struck the moment I entered the Halls of Memory doing the new Black Book quests. I love the background, I believe it is something that was used already in some places in Rohan, but the sparkles were orange not purple. The whole place has such an eerie, ominous feel to it that was the perfect background for a creepy outfit. And boy that owl mask is creepy… but I like it! As someone who dislikes 90% of headgear in lotro, this was a welcome design. The other masks in the game that were proper Harvestmath rewards all have a comical streak that is not good for a really spooky outfit. I can see some uses for more “normal” outfits as well, but it’ll be for another post. In ancient times owls were viewed as omens of bad luck, and general nefarious happenings in life. Perfect for a Halloween costume! And the mask is what clicked all together. The dark purple dye I used can be bartered as reward during festival times. I made one other Harvestmath guise years ago for an Angmarin Priestess look

head: Hood of the Northern Sky, dark purple dye, winter festival reward

shoulders: Shoulders of the Waking Wood, black dye, anniversary event reward

chest: Traveling robes of the Autumn Wandered, dark purple dye, harvestmath festival reward

hands: Elven skirmisher gloves, black dye, crafted

feet: Lesser Arrow of the West boots, barter in Harndirion

back: Cloak of the Autumn Wandered, dark purple dye, harvestmath festival reward

U24 Bullroarer reputation gear preview

As the title says! With the third round of beta, the reputation vendors for the Wilderfolk faction have been added, and with them a lot of things, new crafting recipes, swift travels, relics for LI, and armour and cosmetics. It is the armour and cosmetics that are of interest to me of course XD I am using the 32 bit version of the client to run the enlarged dressing room, as some plugins are still broken in the 64 bit client. As of now only the cloak can be dyed. The style is definitely beorning and rugged (but how cute is that bear metal helmet?) the order shown is heavy-medium-light. As Always, reminder that all on the test server is subject to change before hitting live servers

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