The alchemist’s apprentice

In Angmar, dark magics, rituals and foul sorcery run rampant, but not just that. Science too develops, as twisted and awful. Foul concoctions, potions and experiments are carried out everyday on poor unwilling test subjects, for the advancement of Angmar’s reign in the North. Alchemists labour every day their acrid vapors in search of poisons ever stronger and uneffected by antidotes. One such alchemists, or rather an apprentice, is pouring over her mentor’s research notes in Thaurisgar, the main research establishment in Angmar., Protected by a heavy robe, gloves and mask to not end up poisoned herself accidentally touching some herb or inhaling fumes. What dark secrets she found in the notes, she keeps for herself

Would you look at that. We are at the Sweet 16th lotro birthday, an incredible milestone that the game reached despite its many setbacks and struggles. I gotta say, I love this style of robe. First introduced with the Rakish bundle, the cut and shape is like a modern version of our old “bathrobe” style robes, and I sure hope we get more of this.

head: Pristine resolute delver’s mask, ashenslades green dye, delving reward tier 7

shoulders: Shoulder guards of Illumination, ashenslades green dye, anniversary reward

chest: Robe of Illumination, anniversary reward

hands: Gauntlets of the Reminishing Dragon, black dye, anniversary reward

feet: Boots of Illumination, anniversary reward

back: Trenarngol, ashenslades green dye, Isengard instances drop

Lady ranger of Ithilien

The Rangers of Ithilien, or Rangers of the South, were a military group whose purpose was to defend Ithilien from the Haradrim and Orcs entering Gondor and from gaining full control of the lost provinces. By the time of the War of the Ring, Faramir led them, and they were based in the secred refuge of Henneth Annun. This lady is one such ranger, descendant of the people who lived in fair Ithilien before it fell to abandonment. Clad in practical clothes dyed with earthen hues to better camouflage with the landscape, the only insignias that make her recognizeable as one such defender are the little white trees embroidered on her gauntlets and boots.

Here I am with the first outfit of 2023, more Delving gear and a matching horse to boot! Weeee! the medium teal armour from the Delvings is 100% ranger look and nobody can convince me otherwise XD Since we know that our journey in game shall take us to Umbar passing through post-dawnless day Gondor, I thought to make something related to it. I am curious to see which passage south we shall take, the road to Harondor that does go through Ithilien, or the long tour through Anfalas. The horse of the Hidden Peaks was a happy little accident actually, since i wasn’t planning on matching any horse, but as it is this character go to horse… well it just worked.

head: Discerning delver’s cowl, delving reward tier 5

shoulders: Mantle of Hidden Peaks, olive dye, figment vendor (Rowan)

chest: Frayed discerning delver’s jack, delving reward tier 1

hands: Fierce gages of the wary, PVP medium starter gear

feet: Fierce boots of the wary, PVP medium starter gear

horse: Steed of Hidden Peaks, figment vendor (Rowan)

Blue Caste Sorcerer

“I really do not know anything clearly about the other two [wizards] – since they do not concern the history of the N[orth].W[est]. I think they went as emissaries to distant regions, East and South, far out of Númenórean range: missionaries to ‘enemy-occupied’ lands, as it were. What success they had I do not know; but I fear that they failed, as Saruman did, though doubtless in different ways; and I suspect they were founders or beginners of secret cults and ‘magic’ traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron.” (Letter 221, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien)

In the east of middle Earth, some tribes of Rhunendin and Easterlings count among their ranks men devoted to fell sorcery, who wear peculiar clothes in blue. Some light, some in darker shades, but they both call themselves sorcerers of the Blue Caste. Nobody outside of their tribes know where they got thir powers, if they truly learned from the Wizards that came from overseas many years ago and the secret is jealously kept among themselves. What is known though is that they can call spirits of the dead to serve them, manipulate the elements and daze the minds of their enemies, making them dangerous foes

Another outfit featuring the new Delving gear! I’ve been lucky to get some drops, so here I am with this exotic ensemble. I love wrap around mantles so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to showcase it. The hat, for its shape reminded me of the hoods angmarim and easterlings wear in game, but as I already made angmarim outfits, have this instead. I’m also happy to finally be able to use this robe from the Erebor raid set. It always looked very exotic to me, but I didn’t have anything I liked fr mcreating an ensemble around it. until now! The Blue Caste Sorcerers are a lotrO invention, but i’ve always liked how they are subtly relatd to the blue wizards without explicitly saying so (thank you copyright)

head: Pristine Keen Delver’s Hood, navy dye, drop from Delvings tier 7+ or quartermaster

shoulders: Keen Delver’s Mantle, sienna dye, drop from Delvings tier 5

chest: Jacket of Erebor’s Fury, navy dye, barter at the skirmish camp, light armour vendor

gloves: Gloves of the Isengard Dispeller, VIP promotion, September 2019

feet: Keen Delver’Shoes,black dye, drop from Delvings tier 5

cloak: Cloak of the Great Alliance, Minas Morgul collector edition

staff: Far Wanderer, random world drop

Elf of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain

The Gwaith-i-Mírdain, or People of the Jewel-smiths, were a group of Elven smiths of the Second Age who created the Rings of Power, with Celebrimbor grandson of Feanor as their leader. They dwelled in Eregion and their capital was Ost-in-Edhil, Much of the ancient, wondrous elven craft was lost in the First Age, but this group of Noldorin and Sindarin craftsmen laboured to keep traditions and wonder alive, especially in the matter of stalling the decay of all things, eventually reaching their goal through the craft of the Rings of Power…. and too late realize that their ambition made them blind and vulnerable to Annatar-Sauron’s deception. The elf we see here is one such apprentices of Feanor’s grandson, his attire simple, practical and functional yet with the touch of elegance that always is signature of the Noldor. the padded hauberk dyed with the colors of the forge, he contemplates the flames, perhaps wondering what new marvel could take form from the swings of his hammer. He doesn’t have worries about his future, not when the fires are still roaring and the flames burning high and mighty

Well, what can I say. The new Delving gear plus the new skirmish and the lore of Caras Gelebren sparked some inspiration and this outfit came together effortlessly. I can see this hauberk being perfect for a day in the forge, the padding and the belts surely make it look the part. It dyes in pastel colors, here it looks pale orange, but I actually used umber. And the shoulder mantle… oh how i love it! I was waiting for a simple wrap around mantle like that for a long time. I’d like to make more outfits with the delving gear as at high tiers the dyeable parts switch, so effectively the same hauberk looks different that it is teal, or purple-green, rng plus the exorbitant cost of the barter pieces mean it will be a long term goal…… bah

shoulders: Mantle of hidden Peaks, umber dye, barter from Rowan Raspberry for figments of splendour

chest: Benevolent Delver’s hauberk, umber dye, random reward from delving chest, heavy class

hands: Defender’s gauntlets of the Rising Moon, crafted heavy gear tier 13

feet: Defender’s greaves of the Rising Moon, crafted heavy gear tier 13

Dressing up for Harvestmath: the Evil Bear of Bindbole Wood

It is said, in scary tales for hobbit children that in the peaceful woods of Bindbole near Hobbiton, when the cold Fall season starts and leaves turn brown, creatures and trees go to sleep, the bees too take their rest, beehives running dry of honey to great shame of not only hobbits but the bears that live secluded in the woods

One particularly vicious bear, quick to anger and ever hungry for honey no matter the season, elderly hobbits call the Evil Bear of Bindbole Wood. It is said that his roar can be heard from Overhill to Long Cleeve up north and Sackville down south. Day and night he prowls for beehives and if he doesn’t find any, he will even try to get inside hobbit holes and steal all the honey jars around, and sweets and biscuits and cakes! Little hobbits should stay in their rooms and hide all their sweets if they do not want the Evil Bear to find them!

Obviously there is no Evil Bear in the books, but I thought to make up this silly little tale to go with this year’s “Halloween” costume. In game, Halloween is mixed up with Harvestmath festival. We do not know yet if there will be new rewards or rehashed as it’s been the case lately, but the Harvestmath festival is a fun thing to do regardless of rewards. I’ve been looking for a way to use this silly helm and lo, what better time than the spooky season? Also I’ve fallen in love with hobbit loremasters

head: Helm of the Vale, quest reward or barter reputation gear from vales of Anduin

shoulders: Fur Mantle, sienna dye, reward from yule festival

body: Scout’s weathered leather jacket, sienna dye, Dunland quest reward

hands: Strong gauntlets of Thorin’s memory, quest reward or reputation barter gear with Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

feet: Thick sabatons of Thorin’s strenght, quest reward or reputation barter gear with Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands

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