Midsummer festival 2021 rewards preview

Last year, we had the first iteration of the Midsummer festival to accompany the wedding of Arwen and Aragorn, and wow, what a novelty it was! Plenty of quests, a ton of new cosmetics and decorations and 4 mounts to boot. This year, for the second round we get yet another novelty: new skins for instruments. But let’s start with order, and see how he clothes look


new music instruments

housing decorations


and pets

Glingal and Belthil, Gondolin honour guard

“And the Tree which he made of gold was named Glingal, and the Tree whose flowers he made of silver was named BelthilThe Silmarillion, “Quenta Silmarillion: Of the Noldor in Beleriand”

Glingal and Belthil were two trees crafted by Turgon in the image of the Two Trees of Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion. After building Gondolin, the Gondolindrim never ceased to work on embellishing the city. Turgon himself created these two trees as effigy for the Valinorean Trees in his court. It is said they even resplended of their own light and Glingal means “hanging flame” or “gleaming light”; Belthil “divine radiance”. In the Book of Lost Tales during the Fall of Gondolin it is under the trees that the survivors erected barricades as a last stand, and Turgon rallied them proclaiming the doom of the city, throwing his crown at the Roots of Glingal. Both trees were destroyed.

But while Gondolin stood as a bastion of hope for the Eldar, they were much revered and jealously guarded by a selected honour guard, dressed in the colors of pale gold and pure white, with hauberks encrusted of blue gems and cloaks portraying the Two Trees. Purely a ceremonial position, but nonetheless one of prestige and honour

(needless to say the Honoured Guard is a product of my mind, but I can picture a couple elves standing guard by these treasures of noldorin craft at all times, like…. don’t you dare touch them!). The Bright Company attire, that should reflect the same clothes of the npcs we met in Mordor Besieged is available from Myrtile who finally shoved Figbert out of the way and will stay untill… November? Fall give or take. I don’t grind figments or embers regularly because I am quite fed up with the whole system, but you can bet when there is something I want, I steel my will and grind away. These new cosmetics are my kind of thing, there is also a horse, but it wouldn’t have matched the theme I was going for in this post. It is a very beautiful horse though.

shoulders: Shoulders of the Wall Warden, shire peach dye, barter at the classic vendor in the skirmish camp

chest: Breastplate of Bright Company, shire peach dye, figment vendor (Rowan)

hands: Wrist-guards of the Waking Wood, white dye, anniversary reward

feet: Boots of Bright Company, figment vendor (Rowan)

back: Alliance of the Third Age Silk Cloak, white dye, Mordor collector’s edition exclusive

Rage of the Stone-carver

Skarhald, the stronghold of the ancient dwarven realms in Ered Mithrin, is constantly under attack. Orcs, drakes and worse seek to claim the keep for themselves; it falls to the Longbeards and Zhelruka defending their ancestral home from evil. The stone-carver, while not proficient with good ol’ axe and shield, can channel the remnants of arcanepower that still are present in the rocky foundations and turn them against the Enemy

More dorf love! Dressing up dwarves has always been a challenge for me, even with the new and improved stout-axes, their body proportions mean most gear will clip and stretch horribly on them… yes even the newer cosmetics. Fortunately, some can be saved, like the old Moria robes which fit a dwarf quite well. Mixing up old and new while outfitting can lead to unexpected and pleasant results, as it was the case for this outfit, where the cloak, reward of the Gabil’akka missions is a perfect match to this old Moria robe. Even the little orange gem on the front of the collar maatches the trim of the robe 😀

head: Ceremonial Hat of the Stone-student, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

shoulders: Cosmetic Mantle of the Gabil’akkâ, gold dye, barter Gabil’akka quartermaster

chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Stone-student, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Stone-student, red dye, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

feet: Light boots of the Khirvisa, starter gear for light classes Stout-axe dwarves

back: Cosmetic Light Cloak of the Gabil’akkâ, barter Gabil’akka quartermaster

Dragon scourge of Ered Mithrin

Ered Mithrin is a large mountain range to the north of Rhovanion. Once the ancestral home of the dwarves, it is now just a shadow of the past, razed by orcs and dragons both. Dragons especially posed a great calamity to the region, and even now their spawn, drakes and worms infest the ruins of dwarven strongholds. Mighty above all were Scatha, whose imagery can be seen in the old dwarven architecture, and Smaug later. Though both are long gone, their foul spawns still hunt the land, and it is duty of Dwarves such as this fellow to cull their numbers. The Scourge of Ered Mithrin he is called, moving from ruin to ruin cleaning them up of the scaly pests. His attire reflects his purpose, armor reinforced with plate decirted with dragon wings, helm shaped as a dragon head reflected on his cloak, and metal greaves ending with dragon’s claws.

Apparently, folks at SSG really like dwarves. After Mordor, I was hopeful we’d get to see Nurn, wich should have been the logical route to take, instead we took a 180% turn and travelled all the way north to Mirkwood, the lands of Dale and Erebor. We got a glimpse of Rhun culture, yet instead of expanding upon it, we headed west to meet more dwarves. After a brief glimpse of Beorning culture, we move again to the westernmost dwarf regions culminating with Gundabad expansion this fall. We have been inundated with dwarf-themed cosmetics, so I thought, high time I’d do something to go with the theme as well. Dragons and dwarves have always, historically been enemies, imagine what slight would be for a dragon (or drake whatever) to see their nemesis wearing armour in their likeness… I love the irony

head: Helm of the Reminiscing Dragon, reward for the Anniversary deed: A journey through Middle-earth

shoulders: Battle Leader’s shoulders, black dye, skirmish camp classis barter

chest: Chestpiece of the Indomitable Protector, black dye, barter from Lugdagnir in Galtrev

hands: Gauntlets of the Indomitable Protector, black dye, barter from Lugdagnir in Galtrev

legs: Leggings of te Spelweaver, black dye, barter from Lugdagnir in Galtrev

feet: Boots of the Reminiscing Dragon, reward for the Anniversary deed: A journey through Middle-earth

back: Cloak of the Reminiscing Dragon, reward for the Anniversary deed: A journey through Middle-earth

2021 anniversary reward preview

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