Dwarf-holds Quartermaster cosmetic rewards preview

as this post will be very long, I shall make it brief. Here are listed all the cosmetic rewards from the new faction, the Dwarf Holds.
grey mountains
Some of the clothes have the same pattern and only vary in name and how they take the dye, so I just listed the various patterns. There are also new house decorations, including a new wall and floors, mounts and whatnot

grey mountains 1
grey mountains 2

grey mountains 3
grey mountains 4

grey mountains 5
grey mountains 6

grey mountains 7
grey mountains 11
grey mountains 8
grey mountains 9
grey mountains 10

grey mountains 14
grey mountains 13
grey mountains 12


Scholar of the House of Lore

263341262937The lore-masters of Minas Tirith, led by Idhrenil, gather the ancient knowledge of ages past and lore as well as trophies from all over Middle-earth are displayed here in a museum-like fashion. (from lotro wiki)
4307This scholarly lady sure takes her work seriously, ready to give a /lecture to anyone asking about the many things displayed in the house. I love the lecture emote, it is probably one of the most articulated and long in the game with the elevenses one. I had the concept for this outfit in my head for a while, but never felt it was really complete. I had imagined it all black to better fit the gondorian aesthetic, but the cloak I used dyed black gave me a brownish hue that matched only with walnut brown. Dark enough I guess XD The effige on the cloak is the royal crown of Gondor, while the sun on the tunic represents Anorien, its brother Kingdom. There are 3 types of the tunic, one per light class but the sun design is only on the Beast-Keeper (loremaster)

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Grace, black dye, minstrel armour barter in Caras Galadhon or same look from the minstrel barter in Ost Galadh

chest: Beast-Keeper’s robe, walnut brown, barter from loremaster trainer at the Ox Clan Camp (Orthanc)

hands: Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel, walnut brown, barter in Galtrev

feet: Shoes of Solitary Thunder, walnut brown, barter from runekeeper trainer at the Ox Clan Camp (Orthanc)

back: Nimble Cloak of the Hope of Men, black dye, reward from the men of Gondor Allegiance chain

Farmer’s Faire 2018 reward preview

I was sure that I saw the Farmer’s Faire scheduled for the 30th of this month in the official forum’s schedule thread.. but it started today! I have to say that I’m a little disappointed, aside for one housing decoration, the rewards are few and to me feel kind of dry. Anyway, here’s what we get:


the horse is not too bad. It would look great mounted by a hobbit

we have a new oven for our houses, and a baby goat pet


Since the Faire is not considered a seasonal festival, there are no dyes to barter for

U 23 beta1 quest and early endgame gear preview

As the beta for the new update opened yesterday, we can dive deep into what we will get in the future. What interests me the most are of course the looks of the new gear, so let’s start by what is immediately available as we enter the Eyes and Guard Tavern on Bullroarer. As with all betas everything is subject to change, but I honestly hope the armour looks are not altered much (or at all) because I quite like them XD

All armour has a distinct dwarves feel to it, being this a dwarf centric update regarding both landscape and lore. My number one gripe is that the helmets are rather silly looking (in my opinion)… but that has been a feature of lotro since the dawn of the game. I do think that they can look good on a dwarf avatar, as the bulkiness of the helms is subdued by the overall bulky dwarf body. I preferred however a taller model to showcase the gear without any unwanted texture stretching. This gear will be available to us via the very first quests of the game, and the looks are the same for both green quest rewards, and later purple versions


light dwarf


medium dwarf


heavy dwarf

Little Miss Peahen

4223 5053 3282OMG a hobbit on Wandering Around Arda! How did she make her way here? Or maybe it’s best to say “About time you made an outfit for a hobbit!” Wellllll… true XD I had this design in mind for a lady of Men, but couldn’t find the hat I wanted, the one from the weird treasure hunter in the Bingo storyline. And the other white brimmed hrs didn’t dye as I wanted. So I went for the peacock hat, but trying it on my lady, it didn’t look right… and instead of scrapping it as I find it a silly fun hat, I tried it on a hobbit. Turned out to be the cutest thing ever, I adore this hobbit peahen. As peahens have more muted colours rather than peacocks, I didn’t want to use anything too bright as dye and because the new festival hats don’t dye, I didn’t use the peacock bonnet, way too blue. I still wanted the bue though, and thankfully we have belegaer blue. Hobbit lasses definitely are the best for cute funny outfits, more than all my long legged characters 😛020739362018

head: Peacock hat, summer festival reward

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, belegaer blue dye, skirmish camp Classic vendor

chest: Peacock dress, belegaer blue dye, summer festival reward

back: Cloak of the Dragonfly, belegaer blue, lotro store

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