Warden of Aelin Veren

75 85 08U19 just launched, and my oh my, isn’t the new area, North ithilien, just gorgeous. North Ithilien in ancient time was called the region of the “gardens of Gondor”. The flora, flowers, trees, and streams are lush and stunning even to this day, despite the building being in crumbles and the forces of Mordor invading. U19 also brought us new armour, quest rewards and barter with interesting shape. The “combat skirt” featured here is one of them, that I feel is perfect for a rangers-wardeny outfit, and so I dressed up my character to match. I hope to make an outfit soon with the new dyes from the festival, but for this one, good old turquoise has the right feel. And it matches with the shield, to which I couldn’t find another green that came close to it. Aelin Veren is one of the crumbled gardens of North Ithilien, despite the ruined state still beautiful with white roses wrapping around the columns and flowers all around580482

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s discernment, turquoise dye, hunter Dar Narbugud raid set barter in Caras Galadhon

chest: Ithilien-weave Armour of the Ambusher, turquoise dye, epic quest reward

hands: Gloves of the Lady’s discernment, turquoise dye, hunter Dar Narbugud raid set barter in Caras Galadhon

feet: Boots of the Lady’s discernment, turquoise dye, hunter Dar Narbugud raid set barter in Caras Galadhon

back: Dextrous Cloak of the Mark, turquoise dye, crafted tailor tier 8

shield: Wildermore War Shield of the Warrior, crafted metalsmith tier 8

Fall Festival 2016 rewards preview

With U19 also Iavasmereth launched! there are so many things to do in this new update, and so many new rewards too! Let’s start from the clothing. Red to show dyeable areas (would that the horrible undyeable green could be dyed)

fall fall2 fall4

next, the steed. And here we have a surprise: a FULL set of warsteed cosmetics to go with it!


and a new pet and kites


there are new dyes rom the vendor in the Bree festival fields



U19 beta 3 armour and cosmetics preview

(a reminder that all on Bullroarer is subject to change before hitting live servers)


U19 is in advanced state of development, and while in the previews two betas the appearance of the new armour was missing, now it is fixed and I can upload all in one go. We have a mix of new designs and resins, and while the reskins could have been drawn better to match the new armour, it is not an eyesore either. It seems like the theme for North Ithilien is the “combat skirt” hehe. I divided the armour and cosmetics in “epic quests reward” and “North Ithilien barter”. All is dyed red to show dyeable areas. Warning: very long post!

The cloaks reward for the epic quests are purple and teal, since they share looks, I showed the purple only and they are undyeable so far. The respective order is light, medium, heavy

epicreward cloakithilien cloakithilien2


next, the North Ithilien barter items. There are improved versions of the Throne of the Dread Terror raid armour, but they have the same skin as always. The novelties are in the housing and the new “flower picking” token system, and the things to barter for are A LOT. The system is based on picking specific flowers in the new region, which give “extracts” of different colours. We can exchange the extracts with armour and cosmetics. The order again is light, medium, heavy


and the cosmetics and housing decorations. I love the fox mask!

north-ithilien-rewardsithiliencosmetic ithiliencosmetics2

U19 beta outfit: Defender of the White City

19041340Update 19 is at the second round of beta on Bullroarer, We finally have clear skies in the aftermath of the battle of Pelennor, and the road is open through Osgiliath onwards beautiful North Ithilien. I thought of making a themed outfit that I could not do otherwise on the live servers. While I can get the armour from the 3 and 6 man, the raid Chestpiece here is out of my reach. As is the steed. The Steed of the White City is very pretty, but as it stands, I do not buy steeds from the store unless there is a significant discount, I think the full price is too much. But on Bullroarer there are no problems of points😀 the steed has undyeable blue parts, so I chose to dye the armour evendim blue to match them. I wanted a full white outfit… but I like the blue as well. The Pelennor and raid heavy armor mix and match well, and I like that the White Tree on the chest matches that on the horse’s barding. On top of that, I was right on time to get screenies at dusk with the sun shining on Pelennor🙂5136163214

head: Pelennor Orc Carver’s Helm, drop from The Silent Street

shoulders: Pelennor Orc Carver’s Shoulders, drop from The Quays of Harlond

chest: Breastplate of the Siege breaker, white dye, bartered with a Master of Battle Lore (Pelennor Warrior’s Gear Rewards Vendor) in exchange for tokens from the Throne of the Dread Terror

hands: Pelennor Orc Carver’s Gloves, evendim blue dye, drop from Blood of the Black Serpent

feet: Greaves of the Siege breaker, white dye, bartered with a Master of Battle Lore (Pelennor Warrior’s Gear Rewards Vendor) in exchange for tokens from the Throne of the Dread Terror

back: back: Cloak of the Citadel Guard (same look, different stats depending on class), volume 4 epic quest reward

warsteed: Steed of the White City, lotro store

Rider of the Free People

48562252Rider of the Free People is a new (newish) title introduced with the Collections feature. To get this title you need to have reputation with all factions in Eriador, as you have to collect both the Elf Ambassador steed (kindred with all elven factions) and the Eriador steed (kindred with all Eriador factions). I like the colour scheme of the Eriador horse, and recently got that on the character here, so I thought of a matching outfit. The medium chest piece from Osgiliath instances has nice earthy colours and dyed white it complements well the horse. And the shield goes with the cloak with the feathers imo, that was a lucky drop from Dargnakh Unleashed!09180753

chest: chest of the Osgiliath Shield, white dye, drop in Ruined city T2

gloves: Hale-glofas, white dye, East Rohan quest reward

feet: Lesser mark of the West boots, walnut brown dye, barter in Harndirion

back: cloak of the Dove, lotro store

shield: Bugeil- Tarian, drop from Dargnakh Unleashed

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