Rider of the Free People

48562252Rider of the Free People is a new (newish) title introduced with the Collections feature. To get this title you need to have reputation with all factions in Eriador, as you have to collect both the Elf Ambassador steed (kindred with all elven factions) and the Eriador steed (kindred with all Eriador factions). I like the colour scheme of the Eriador horse, and recently got that on the character here, so I thought of a matching outfit. The medium chest piece from Osgiliath instances has nice earthy colours and dyed white it complements well the horse. And the shield goes with the cloak with the feathers imo, that was a lucky drop from Dargnakh Unleashed!09180753

chest: chest of the Osgiliath Shield, white dye, drop in Ruined city T2

gloves: Hale-glofas, white dye, East Rohan quest reward

feet: Lesser mark of the West boots, walnut brown dye, barter in Harndirion

back: cloak of the Dove, lotro store

shield: Bugeil- Tarian, drop from Dargnakh Unleashed

Farmer’s Faire 2016 rewards preview

that’s right, the time of hunting mushrooms and fighting for eggs has come again!😀 This Faire brings us the usual cloak and steed, and a shoulder piece modeled after the light Nadhin mantle. I do like the checkered pattern, and the way the pieces take the dye is kinda subtle. I have not seen new dyes for the Faire, but let me know if I missed a barterer somewhere!

cloak and mantle, red to show dyeable areas


Waning summer

41-4138-89The summer season is waning. Days are shortening and the air is cooler, but there is still some time before the warmth of the sun leaves the place to the clouds. So this elf maiden is enjoying the sight of the setting sundays, and dances to them until they will disappear behind the mountains of Imladris58-51Summer festival in lotro is over, and among its novelties, like the kites and emotes, there were new dyes. The one here is Shire peach, a lovely creamy colour which really was missing from the dye palette. We either had gold, which is dark and solid, and yellow… a colour I would say tricky to use, as it is way too bright (like marker pens) or becomes greenish on most clothes. Shire peach is more versatile and easy to mix and match with different kind of clothing, the only downside… is that it required mithril coins to barter for it. However, the new dyes are supposed to rotate between coins and mithril in future festivals, so there might be a chance to get full stacks of it55-9913-54

shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West shoulders, barter in Harndirion

chest: Gossamer dress, shire peach dye (summer festival barter), cosmetics skirmish camp vendor

Summer Sea

17-5901-7632-64 I love the new rewards for this summer fest. The cloak dyes in a gradient, it is a very pleasant effect, though perhaps it would have been better if the bottom took the dye. The caparison doesn’t have a flat look for once, perhaps a little too bulky (it clips through the horse on the front) but I like the shape. Like the cloak, the upper layer takes the dye, and the little gemstones at the bottom take the dye too. For this outfit, I paired them with a quest reward from West Gondor, a light tunic with the symbol of a Dol Amroth ship (but I pretend it to be an elven ship hehe :P) which has the same blue as the cloak and caparison. But the real surprise are the kites. They have been a welcome novelty and I know many players like them, so hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future!22-25156-32

head: Hood of Night, classic skirmish vendor

chest: Jacket of the great shore, white dye, West Gondor quest reward

hands: Padded gloves of Kingstead, sea blue dye, West Rohan quest reward

feet: Lesser mark of the West Shoes, sea blue dye, barter in Harndirion

back: cloak of the Summer Sea, white dye

handheld: Soaring bird kite, summer festival, barter for 30 mithril coins

hide, tail and mane: white, lotro store (Steed colour pack 1)

caparison: caparison of the Summer Sea, white dye, lotro store (Equipment dye pack 3)

Summer festival 2016 preview

Summerfest has started! And with it, this year we see a couple novelties that have not been present in the festivities, namely new kind of rewards, and even new quests! But let’s start with the regular. The theme is Summer Sea, and I personally adore the new steed


as well as the cloak! The way it dies as a gradient is so pleasant, and the shoulders, while not a mantle, look very swan knight like, imo. Red to show dyeable areas


Cloak of the Summer sea and Shoulders of the Summer Sea, 15 tokens each

next, we have new emotes!

and new dyes. I am a bit disappointed there is no Belegaer blue…

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