The Penni Tribe

2266 2419Ages ago, when the world was Young and the light of the Stars was all that lit its Surface, the Quendi awoke. The Elves, or Quendi as they called themselves, lived together until the Vala Orome came to bring them to Valinor. Yet not all of them answered the summons. Some, not trusting the Valar decided to remain in Middle Earth. Avari they became, the Unwilling. As the ages passed, it is unknown what happened to most of them. Some say their tribes are extinct, some secluded, but what we know for certain is that some moved from the lands of their Birth to the West, and mingled with the local elves. One of these tribes were the Penni
18343029Penni were one of the only six tribes of the Avari mentioned. They merged with the Wood-elves of the Vales of Anduin. It is suggested that the Penni elves belonged to the Nelyar, and the shift of the sound “PQ kw” to “p” in their own dialect had already occurred among the Lindar clan during the Sundering of the Elves. Probably the tongue shift happened when the Penni tribe started migrating and meeting other elves. The six tribes all had their dialect, and their tribe names all mean “People”, slightly variating per tribe. Penni in fact means People, and all derive from It derives from primitive Quendian “kwendī”, the very first elven speech (thanks Tolkien Gateway)3038 0481Oh, Mordor light gear. When I saw it the first time, I did not know how to classify it. It has a leaf motif on it, yet it is too “dark” to be properly elvish, but not enough “evil” for a bad guy outfit in my personal opinion. It is something in between, so I thought, what could be in between to wear this? The design fit the description of the Penni elves as I imagine them. I think it is the first time I used ashenslades green. And I had to put that woodland crown to use! Same with shoulders. I love them, but they’re very opulent. Also I am using the new avatars. I know there’s some controversy regarding old vs. new look, but for me the new are better

head: Woodland crown, yule festival reward

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, ashenslades green dye, skirmish camp classic vendor

chest: Padded vest of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

hands: Supple gloves of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

feet: Superior shoes of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

back: Woven light cloak of the Expedition’s Vanguard, ashenslades green, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs


Yule festival 2017 rewards preview

Ho ho hooooooo! Alright there’s no Santa in Yule, but this year’s festival is rich in novelties, surprisingly! The one most talked about at the moment, being Elk steeds, of which one can be bought fem the store. Let’s jump right into the preview. As always, for the clothing I dyed it red to show dyeable parts. I am disappointed by the Woodland crown, it can’t be dyed, plus the coloring is so dark that it’s hard to discern the branch pattern and it seems like a black shilouette to me. Maybe it’s a bug. (edit: the woodland crown appears brown and silver when actually worn, but it’s black when previewed in the dressing room. Still, dyeable would be nice) I am also not thrilled by the man tunic, modeled after the baggy shape of the Dunedain set, which imo doesn’t flatter any avatar aside the male man models.


(UPDATE: the woodland crown appears black when previewing in the dressing room. When seen normally worn, it is brown and silver. Still not dyeable)yulecrown

The big novelty, elk mount

Next we have a new house decoration and cosmetic pets instead of kites

if you click on the snowball field it gives snowballsowlhare

Lastly, the dyes are the same as last year, except the mithril coins and tokens are reversed.

Cultist of the Eye

49631424Since Mordor has been release this summer, the cosmetic fashion took a turn for the eerie for the majority of the new gear we have, and this is well and good, in theme with the Mordor vibes. So I thought let’s make an outfit that is not meant for the “good guys”. I think in all the time I have this blog, I posted only two other “evil” themed outfits, one is a priestess of Angmar disguise and the other Morgul Rider. high time to move from noble high elves to shady characters hehe46330312I made this outfit on Bullroarer as the robe is not yet available, being a raid locked item. Surprisingly, what tied the robe to the other items was shire peach dye. The undyeble seams on hood, gloves and boots cannot be matched with regular gold dye. The cloak is not quite a match to the rest of the outfit as it is with the walls of Barad Dur. I think that it works well with the red stained glass XD and speaking of stained glass, that is probably what I am most excited about in the whole update. I’ve wanted that beautiful (eerily beautiful) stained glass as soon as I saw it in landscape. 2167

head: Helm of the Erebor Mischief-maker, skirmish camp medium armour vendor (burglar class item)

shoulders: Shoulder Guards of the Spear-way, barter at Ox Clan Camp, warden barterer

chest: Beast-master’s dress of the Abyss, shire peach dye, Abyss of Mordath raid reward

hands: Gloves of the Spear-way, barter at Ox Clan Camp, warden barterer

feet: Boots of the Spear-way, barter at Ox Clan Camp, warden barterer

back: Thick Cloak of Destruction, Dunland quest reward or Lalia’s market

Thlim Losglóriol

Yellow flowers have fared thither and blow ever now about that mound in those unkindly places; but the folk of the Golden Flower wept at its building and might not dry their tears.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin1972 5111Thlim Losglóriol or The House of the Golden Flower was one of the 12 noble Houses of Gondolin. Glorfindel was its Lord, and its symbol was that of a rayed sun, and a golden flower was emblazoned upon the shields of the house members.
When the forces of Angband attacked Gondolin, the hostof the Golden Flower was holding off the enemies in the Great Market area, on the east part of the city, but they got ambushed by a host of Orcs led by Balrogs. They held the Market Place, until the arrival of a fire drake forced them to retreat, their number greatly reduced.
Eventually Balrogs and Dragons who were the strong part of Morgoth’s army breached the walls of Gondolin, and the Golden Flower along with the remaining houses moved towards the Square of the King. Further on their retreat, many lost their lives holding the rear guard for those who fled towards Gondolin’s Secret Way. The few remaining members of the Flower assisted helpless to their Lord’s death during his fight with a Balrog, pulling the beast with him in the depths of a chasm. Thus Glorfindel of the Flower became known as the Balrog Slayer1945 251This will probably be the last outfit I will completely remake and make a new post about it, as I like how the rest of them are and they just need new screens. The original 2014 post featured a full set as well, one of the 65 heavy ones from the classic skirmish vendor. Barad Guldur it was. This ensemble may seem a bit “dark” for a House of Golden radiance, but I like it. Considering Glorfindel’s fate in his battle against the Balrog, I can see him wearing something that looks  more intimidating than radiant54861153
head: Heronthol, steel blue dye, world drop

shoulders: Invader’s Rivetted Camail, gold dye, drop from Gorgoroth lootboxes

chest: Invader’s Heavy Hauberk, gold dye, Mordor quest reward

hands: Invader’s Gages, gold dye, Mordor quest reward

feet: Expeditionary Boots, gold dye, Mordor quest reward

back: Cloak of the Rescuer, gold dye, Great River quest reward

Harvestmath Festival 2017 rewards preview

Here we are with another Harvestmath festival! And I am glad lotro keeps with the autumn theme more than going the halloween way, it fits the world a lot more. Better this year than yesteryear in my personal opinion hehe. While the rewards offered are reskins, and here’s nothing new, the reskins themselves are pretty, simple and clean. The theme is Eldar Autumn (edit: added pic of Gourd Lurker)fall fall1fall4fall shieldfall2

horse. It is simpler than past designs, but pretty nonetheless


cosmetic pets. Gourd Lurker is new


There are also the dyes, but those are the same colours we got last Fall

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