The honey baker

A hobbit gotta do what a hobbit gotta do. Bake bread loaves and pies! But not just any pie, a special one filled with the best honey from the Beorning lands. As soon as I saw the new cloak in the pool of rewards for the spring instances I thought “hobbit outfit”. While hobbits can very well make their own honey and tend bees themselves, I like to think that some adventurous halfling aside Bilbo journeyed to the far off beorning lands in search of the fabled, sweetest honey for the best pies. Plus, the other instance features Grimbeorn himself and his working bees. Fitting!

head: Top hat, rust dye, Cosmetics barter at the skirmish camp

shoulders: Padded mantle of the Dunland soothsayer, crimson dye, Dunland quest reward

chest: Harvest brew dress, crimson dye, reward from the Farmer’s Faire

back:  Honeycomb cloak, crimson dye, reward from instance barter

Spring festival 2021 rewards preview

Here’s a new spring festival, and I am very happy to see lotro’s cosmetic designers keep up the good work. We will be able to cosplay as Tom Bombadil and Goldberry with the new rewards, and even Naruhel! Her items especially are truly unique, I love the vine bracers. But let’s start with the regular rewards

the horse

house decorations

the rewards from the new festival instance “The Red Maid”

On the wings of a swallow

If there was somewhere in lotro where swallows fly as low as the seagulls do in the bay of Belfalas, I’d have gone there to take the screenshots, but alas there aren’t so, pretend the gulls in the screens are swallows XD I was in the mood for a very simple outfit, yet with detail enough that it wouldn’t be “boring”. I used these shoulderpads only once before and should use them more often, the feather-like appearance matched well with the cloak which to me resembles a swallow’s tail. As of tomorrow it’ll already be March, with March comes spring, the warmer weather and flocks of swallows migrating to their old nests. The spring festival will soon be upon us and this time I’m very curious to see what the devs have in store for us after the very nice selection we got for Yule. Hopefully they can keep up the good quality (and I wouldn’t mind another “two tailed” cloak)

shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Faramir’s Faithful, evendim blue dye, barter in Bar Hurin

chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, evendim blue dye, Mirkwood kindred reputation or Lotro store

back: Ice flower cloak, evendim blue dye, yule festival reward


“Your efforts against Mirkwood’s spiders have rendered you an invaluable ally to the Elves of Mirkwood and Lórien.” – description for the deed spider slayer (advanced) in Mirkwood. It also gives the title Gwírist which is the theme of this outfit. “Gwir” means weaver/spindle in sindarin and “ist” knowledge, so I assume the meaning of the title is something like knowledgeable about spiders, as weaver in this case is referred to them. I really wanted to use the bridal veil in some other way that with pretty dresses and generally pretty outfits. What about a gossamer cloak? With all the spiderwebs covering the trees in Mirkwood the elves could use some to their benefit. We have a gossamer dress already and gossamer thread is an actual crafting material woven from spider silk. The pattern of the bridal veil lends itself well to the image I had in mind, add a chest plate and a shield to accentuate the arachnid theme and the outfit is done. Do you know that now you can run the Erebor raids set at lvl 20 and still get deed completion, unlocking those very nice gear sets at the skirmish camp? I don’t know if it is due to the legendary servers, if it was an intended change or an overlooked bug, but go solo those raids right now and get that armour!

head: Shield-master’s Helm, white dye, barter at the skirmish camp (classic vendor)

chest: Breastplate of the Deathstorm, white dye, barter at the skirmish camp (classic vendor)

shoulders: Shoulders f the Wall-warden, moria silver dye, barter at the skirmish camp (classic vendor)

hands: Gloves of the Erebor Storm, grey dye, barter at the skirmish camp (heavy armour vendor)

legs: Leggings of the Erebor Storm, grey dye, barter at the skirmish camp (heavy armour vendor)

feet: Boots of the Erebor Storm, grey dye, barter at the skirmish camp (heavy armour vendor)

back: Bridal veil, moria silver dye, midsummer festival reward

shield from the light armour vendor at the skirmish camp

Aurora Borealis

I really love the new yule festival cloak, especially the iridescent effect, but because of this not many other items can be paired and actually match. I didn’t want to make an outfit that would look obnoxious but at the same time that would give the shifting hues effect. Thankfully the Curator (when she was still in game, hopefully she’ll be back soon) offers a selection that is just right for what I wanted. The permanent aurora borealis that can be seen in Forochel’s night sky was the perfect landscape to take pictures
shoulders: Fur Mantle, belegaer blue dye, reward from Yule Festival

chest: Brilliant Forest Defender’s Breastplate, indigo dye, barter from the Curator

hands: Brilliant Forest Defender’s Gloves, indigo dye, barter from the Curator

feet: Brilliant Forest Defender’s Boots, indigo dye, barter from the Curator

back: Hooded cloak of flurries, reward from Yule festival

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