Minas Tirith Besieged

As we now know, one of the 2 areas explorable in the upcoming Minas Morgul expansion is Mordor Besieged, taking place in the Second Age. In the Third age we instead have Minas Tirith Besieged. I like the play of words and even more that I found an alternative use for this Big Battle: good place for dramatic screenshots! The Osgiliath pvp sets which by now are mostly forgotten since nobody ever plays the respective pvp map are spot on to make an outfit for a Gondorian fighter. And what better match than the cloak and shield from the Osgiliath dungeons!

head: Helm of the Causeway, barter from medium armour quartermaster (Sundering of Osgiliath)

shoulders: Shoulders of the Armoury, barter from heavy armour quartermaster (Sundering of Osgiliath)

chest: Jacket of the Armoury, barter from heavy armour quartermaster (Sundering of Osgiliath)

hands: Gauntlets of the Armoury, barter from heavy armour quartermaster (Sundering of Osgiliath)

feet: Boots of the Armoury, barter from heavy armour quartermaster (Sundering of Osgiliath)

back: Cloak of the Healers, black dye, drop from any Osgiliath instance at tier2

shield: Shield of the Preserver, drop from any Osgiliath instance at tier2

Warden of Eryn Galen

Mirkwood or the Forest of Great Fear was the largest forest in Rhovanion. It was only known by these names in the latter part of the Third Age, having previously been called Greenwood the Great (Sindarin: Eryn Galen). After Sauron’s demise and the start of the Fourth Age it became the Wood of Greenleaves (S: Eryn Lasgalen). Before the Necromancer and the spawns of Shelob made it their lair, Greenwood held true to it’s name, with tall and strong beech trees and pines. The silvan elves might be less wise than their brethren from the Undying Lands, but under the rule of Oropher they prospered and were none the less fierce and dangerous when it came to protect their homeland. It’s been some time since a set of festival cosmetics inspired me right away. The Autumn Traveller set looks great, especially the cloak, and perfect for the theme I was going for. Bullroarer green surprisingly matched the green on the shield just as well, too.

head: Helm of the Lady’s Discernment, barter in Caras Gaaladhon, hunter armour

shoulders: Wynmar’s End, Great River quest reward

chest: Tunic of the Autumn Traveller, bullroarer green dye, harvestmath festival reward

hands: Gloves of the Forbidden Love, walnut brown dye, Great River Quest Reward

legs: Trousers of the Autumn Traveller, bullroarer green dye, harvestmath festival reward

feet: Alculf’s leather boots, umber dye, Great River quest reward

back: Cloak of the Autumn Traveller, bullroarer green dye, harvestmath festival reward

shield: Sergeant-at-arms’ Warden Shield of Adlan – Bartered from the Skirmish Camp

sword: common world drop or find at the Auction

Harvestmath festival 2019 rewards preview

Harvestmath is here once again, and there are quite a few novelties this year, starting from these beautiful cosmetics and the even more beautiful cloak. It is not one piece but has two “tails” that make it a one of a kind cloak among cloaks. Red is the default dye, so I used white to show how nicely it dyes, and an almost pure white too! As all the new rewards have been put together in a single window tab, I shall list everything below the pictures

next the mount. The elk returns with an elegant getup to match the clothes

and here’s the full list of rewards

finally, this festival’s dyes rotation

Gondorian Noblewoman

If it seems like you’ve seen this outfit beforeā€¦ it’s because I did post it before XD It’s from last year, however, looking back at it I just wasn’t happy anymore with both concept and screenshots. I first envisioned it for a scholar of the Houses of Lore, but inside it’s so dark it is tricky to get a decent screenshot and the result suffered for it. Aragorn’s throne room has much better lighting and atmosphere with all the banners of the gondorian regions and the garlands, I feel like this getup fits better a noble court than a dark and dusty library.

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Grace, umber dye, barter in Caras Galadhon, minstrel set

hands: Bracers of the Clever Counselor, barter in Galtrev from Lugdagnir

chest: The Beast Keeper’s robe, barter at the Ox Clan camp in Orthanc

cloak: Nimble Cloak of the Hope of Men, walnut brown dye, reward from the end of Men of Gondor Allegiance


Valarram is my favorite shield in the game, and one I have been chasing after a long, long time. But rng apparently decided nope! Not gonna happen. So after a while of running Fangorn’s Edge T2C without having the shield drop, I gave up and kind of forgot about it as new cosmetics kept being added in game. Eventually when Nathrien compiled the warden shield visual guide, I saw it there and remembered about it. And this time determination won as I finally have my beautiful shield. The white eagle decoration on it is very nicely done and detailed. The name Valarram means Valar’s Wall in Sindarin (“ram” meaning wall) I paired it with an outfit that looks more rugged, but kept with the avian theme by adding shoulders and cloak. What ties it together is the shire peach dye, which I used sparingly only a few times before, but for this outfit, the whole of it is dyed shire peach (cloak aside)

head: Lesser Blade of the West Helmet, shire peach dye, barter in Harndirion

chest: Padded armour, shire peach dye, crafted tailor tier 1 or world drop

hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag, shire peach dye, Dunland quest reward

legs: Lesser Secret of the West Leggings, shire peach dye, barter in Harndirion

feet: Medium Nadhin bots, shire peach dye, barter in Dol Amroth

back: Cloak of the Dove, lotro store

shield: Valarram, drop from Fangorn’s Edge tier 2 challenge

javelin: Carved black ash javelin, woodworker recipe

sword: Mallendol’s sword, epic quest reward (Vol.2, book 9, chapt.6)

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