Spring Woods

I had plans on making a softer, more festive outfit with the new dress from the festival (and I might stil do it) but as often happens, plans go in the opposite direction than what one had imagined. So it did with this, it turned into a traveling/light armor getup. Playing around with dyes, I found out that the tunic became this very pale shade of green with…. white. I had to find something to go with this very unique color scheme, and again unexpectedly the rest of the items took on the same color with Lorien gold. Which again looks more like a pale green than a gold in this particular case. I’m also very glad that the Elegant riding boots, which clipped with almost all the leggings in my collection on most of my characters fit the tunic nicely. Add a matching shield and my character is ready to welcome the new season… one Shield Bash at a time!

head: Mask of the Golden Forest Defender, lorien gold dye, barter from the Curator

shoulders: Mantle of the Spring Woods, spring festival reward

chest: Braided tunic and trousers of the Spring Woods, white dye, spring festival reward

hands: Gloves of Lost Memory, lorien gold dye, quest reward in evendim for loremaster

feet: Elegant Riding boots, lorien gold dye, barter for figments of splendor

back: Ice Flower cloak, lorien gold dye, yule festival reward

shield: Strong Skirmish Shield of the Rider, crafted

Spring festival 2020 rewards preview

As tradition, with the coming of spring also comes lotro’s festival. Despite the game’s ups and downs I still enjoy collecting whatever new fluff is available to collect at festivals. In this case, the cosmetics are very nice, and we have a variation from the usual horse steed with a themed elk. New pets and house decorations


spring elk

cosmetic pets

housing decos


Little Red Riding Hobbit

I am very glad that the seasonal barter has been updated even though Rowan is still there (jealous of her colleague maybe) and I like most of the things Myrtile has to offer, which means my figment savings have been depleted. The elegant riding outfit seems out of place in Middle Earth for it’s rather modern appearance… anywhere but in the Shire. It definitely fits the “old english countryside” vibe that the Professor evisioned for hobbits. So, this outfit is for them. Now, while I like the design of the Elegant Riding set, I have a big gripe with the boots. They clip with every.single.pair of leggings I tried. A real shame because the boots have a very simple look and could be paired with many pants if it wasn’t for the fact that said pants peek through them horribly. So I had to go for the matching leggings, which don’t clip because they actually warp the lower body skeleton of the character (you can see it in the way my hobbit’s legs are bent across the saddle, in the screenshot below). All in all though, I like the final result. No, there is no hood, sorry but the big plumed hat was speaking my name instead. Another thing I really like is the scarf. If dyed the same color as a cloak’s clasps it looks like the cloak has ben tied around the neck and it hides the clasps themselves

head: Plumed hat, red dye, reward from the introductory quests (named Brimmed hat as a world drop)

shoulders: Scrap-Reinforced Pauldrons of the Khirvisa, red dye, Stout-Axe starter gear for light classes

chest: Dwarf make Campaigner armourcrimson dye, crafted tailor recipe

hands: Elegant Riding gloves, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

legs: Elegant Riding leggings, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

feet: Elegant Riding boots, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

back: Cloak of Naire, red dye, spring festival reward

The Elven Boater

Inspiration for this outfit came from a very silly thing… the rope and those circle thingies on the chest piece make me thing of a life buoy… it stands out more with the gear dyed in pastel colors. I should use the new gear we got with Minas Morgul, as it’s the start of a new year and I should perhaps step away from my tried and true for a bit, but even if the chest piece here is not really new, I never used it in an outfit before. Initially I envisioned something for a sailor however I already made several sea themed outfits, so something more subdued like a boater going out on a lake was a better fit. Perhaps not many know or remember the Appendix in Lord of the Rings, lake Evendim was initially inhabited by elves before the men of Arnor came; Galadriel and Celeborn themselves used to spend some time here. They must have needed an elven boater to get around Everswim!

chest: Woven waistcoat of Bard’s Will, epic quest reward or barter from the Quartermaster in Dale

hands: Supple Fangorn gloves of Spirit, belegaer blue dye, crafted light armour (tier9)

feet: Threadbare boots of the Dunland Healer, belegaer blue dye, Dunland quest reward

back: Cloak of the Ibis, belegaer blue dye, lotro store

Hobbity cheer

What better time of the year but this to make winter outfits? This outfit is inspired by Starry Mantle’s honoured Yule-friend outfit and by the cloak here, which is just perfect for hobbits. I find that on them, anything they wear becomes cute and looks alright when on any other race it would seem out of place, like in this cloak’s case. I used new-ish pieces from the original design Starry did and was waiting for Winter Home to open to take screens… the new knitted mittens and bonnet from Storvagun would probably be a better match with the beorning scarf but I’d have to grind them tokens first XD

head: Radagast’s hood, belegaer blue dye, Beorning starter armour

shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, belegaer blue dye, Beorning starter armour

chest: Robe of Winter Winds, lavender dye, yule festival reward

gloves: Wildermore Survivor’s Light Gloves, belegaer blue dye, barter with People of Wildermore

feet: Ajokoira boots, navy dye, crafted

back: Battle at Frostbluff Cloak, navy blue dye, Seasonal instance barter

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