Little Miss Peahen

4223 5053 3282OMG a hobbit on Wandering Around Arda! How did she make her way here? Or maybe it’s best to say “About time you made an outfit for a hobbit!” Wellllll… true XD I had this design in mind for a lady of Men, but couldn’t find the hat I wanted, the one from the weird treasure hunter in the Bingo storyline. And the other white brimmed hrs didn’t dye as I wanted. So I went for the peacock hat, but trying it on my lady, it didn’t look right… and instead of scrapping it as I find it a silly fun hat, I tried it on a hobbit. Turned out to be the cutest thing ever, I adore this hobbit peahen. As peahens have more muted colours rather than peacocks, I didn’t want to use anything too bright as dye and because the new festival hats don’t dye, I didn’t use the peacock bonnet, way too blue. I still wanted the bue though, and thankfully we have belegaer blue. Hobbit lasses definitely are the best for cute funny outfits, more than all my long legged characters 😛020739362018

head: Peacock hat, summer festival reward

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, belegaer blue dye, skirmish camp Classic vendor

chest: Peacock dress, belegaer blue dye, summer festival reward

back: Cloak of the Dragonfly, belegaer blue, lotro store


Summer festival 2018 preview

It is time to get out in the scorching sun again, fight off heat waves and parading like peacocks to make your hobbit neighbours jealous. This will make sense further down this post as the novelties for this summerfest are a lot, and the rewards doubled in size. Most prominently we see the introduction of a festival skirmish plus a revival of good old Thrang from the Rift. While the Thrang fight rewards recolours of old rift gear, I decided to not show them on mannequins… it’s the same skin just recolored. But it is tied to the summerfest after all. This fight gives one special token to trade for one piece of gear, while the summer skirmish gives its own currency plus summer tokens, and as this is the most scrooge festival for time invested/token ratio, it is a welcome addition. Let’s start with normal cosmetics first, as we have two sets, one peacock themed, and one picnic themed. Red dye to show how they dye. The two hats are undyeable. The peculiarity of the dresses is that they let you choose which shoes to wear… pity that most of them clip through it

peacock 2
peacock 3
peacock 5
peacock 9

Now, we have the summer horse, which is shown in his pony version at Hengstacer. The saddlebags are different for each side

peacock 4
peacock 10

The novelties are mostly in the skirmish reward vendor. We have new pets and house decos. The peacocks are divided between this and the regular vendor, but as the only thing that changes is the color, I’ll showcase two

peacock 7
peacock 8

the dyes are also back
peacock 11

lastly, the Rift rewards. Not all of them as some are found in boxes, some not listed are obtained in the instance itself

peacock 6

The Witch of Agarnaith

152351580546 If we had Merrevail as playable race in the Ettenmoors, I’d actually go there. Having nothing like them in the free people side, I improvised turning the witch theme from bat lady to magic effects, and who better than rune keeper for this? Fire rune keeper skills are flashy,destructive and fun to use for screenshots. Landscape wise, Agarnaith is my favorite zone in Mordor. It is a breath of fresh air (figuratively, you really don’t want to stop and smell the reeds in Agarnaith XD) after Talath Urui, and in general a nice change when the other four regions are nothing but rocks, rocks and more rocks. I wanted an outfit that would blend well with the swamp, as if this witch stalks the surroundings, waiting for her prey to wander close and then boom! Incinerate it with her magic rune. In all the instances where merrevail are concerned in lotro, I don’t recall them ever using runestones, but Lhaereth needs cauldrons and labs to make her plague, so that’s not innate magic. I made another morroval related outfit in the past, based on the one and only Thuringwethil, which I believe was the inspiration for our bat ladies. Lhaereth herself says in the epic story that she is the last of her kind, and her life goes back to the ancient days. I wonder if they are related somehow, more than just race-wise. Maybe we will find out as the story unfolds, who knows!255314944138

head: Hooded cloak of the Silver Birch, red dye, lotro store

chest: Jacket of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

gloves: Gloves of the Anorien Sun, red dye, epic quest reward (Vol4 Book4)

legs: Leggings of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

feet: Boots of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

satchel: Runekeeper satchel of the Second Age, red dye (First age satchels have a different skin than this)

Elite guard of Dale

The Kingdom of Dale was a kingdom in northern Rhovanion formed in the late Third Age by King Bard and populated by men of the North. Their Township was formed soon after the year 2590 of the Third Age when Thrór brought his people back to Erebor and prospered with the Kingdom under the Mountain. Thror’s wealth affected positively Dale, and subsequently Esgaroth in the South.
In 2770 during the rule of King Girion the dragon Smaug attacked and occupied the Lonely Mountain,afterwards ravaging everything; soon Dale was deserted and fell into ruin. It was only in the year 2941 of the Third Age that Smaug was killed by Bard the Bowman, a descendant of Girion, during the Battle of the Five Armies. After the war, recovering the riches amassed by the former lord, Bard refounded his Kingdom, which still flourishes todayThis man belongs to the King’s elite guard. While the dragon is a threat long gone and its only reminder are the bones laying in the lake in the ruins of Esgaroth of Old, the stories still are narrated of Bard and his prowess in slaying the dragon with a single shot of his Black Arrow through Smaug’s only weak spot: a patch of soft belly skin not encrusted by the treasure of Thror. And so in honour of this heroic feat, the Guard of the King adopted as rayment the icon of Smaug being shot by the Arrow. Such clothes are called affectionatively Slayer’s Raiments.  It’s been a while since I did a horse and rider outfit. I don’t remember if in the books it was ever specified the King of Dale having personal guards or not but… he’s a king, rules a kingdom so it’s pretty plausible XD I had this outfit idea for a long time, but I needed something to make it complete, and that was the warsteed cosmetics. I haven’t done the Battle for Erebor T2C on live, so had no access to the horse until they opened Bullroarer this week and a kind NPC gave me the deed. Thank you Eyes and Guard Tavern! I would have liked to use the full warsteed set, but the saddle clipped terribly with my character’s torso, and it was just horrible to look at. So saddle had to go

head: Fancy cap of Bard’s Will

shoulders: Greater Shoulders of the Hidden Blade, red dye, Pelennor Scout’s Gear Rewards Vendor in Minas Tirith

chest: Breastplate of the Slayer’s Rayment, navy dye, barter for Ash from the Keeper of Mysteries in any Allegiance Hall

hands: Engraved Iron Gauntlet, crimson dye, Dunland quest reward

feet: Lesser Defender of the West boots, navy dye, barter in Harndirion, warden set

back: Cloak of the Slayer’s Rayment, navy dye, barter for Ash from the Keeper of Mysteries in any Allegiance Hall

sword and shield: Veteran Pelennor’s Guardsman Valorous sword and Veteran’s Recruit Heavy Shield, weapon and heavy armour barter at the skirmish camp

warsteed cosmetics: Set of the Dale Lands, navy and ered luin blue (Equipment dye pack 3, lotro store) reward for beating the Erebor Raids at T2C

warsteed coat, mane and tail: Steed colour pack 4, lotro store

tail: Leather wrapped tail, lotro store

Lotro’s elevenses Anniversary, rewards preview

As all good Hobbits do, it is time for Elevenses, and elevenses indeed is this year’s celebration for Lotro’s 11th Anniversary! Happy birthday Lotro, 111 of these days! XD

the cosmetic clothes are Mirkwood themed  which I’ll list down below. The scavenger hunt is also active again, and adventures for year 11 added to the list.

Let’s start with this Eryn Lasgalen armour, and a… uhm… beautiful Gollum mask
2018 lotro anniversary mask2018 lotro anniversary2018 lotro anniversary quiverrewards

this steed is Majestic I believe this horse was teased years ago, in one of the promo pictures for Riders of Rohan. At the time nobody knew what steed that was and my memory is blurred, but I’d hazard this is the one. It also looks like Imrahil’s horse. Comes with warsteed cosmetics

we have the much coveted, promised new fiddles!rewards3

and a beaver pet

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