Elite guard of Dale

The Kingdom of Dale was a kingdom in northern Rhovanion formed in the late Third Age by King Bard and populated by men of the North. Their Township was formed soon after the year 2590 of the Third Age when Thrór brought his people back to Erebor and prospered with the Kingdom under the Mountain. Thror’s wealth affected positively Dale, and subsequently Esgaroth in the South.
In 2770 during the rule of King Girion the dragon Smaug attacked and occupied the Lonely Mountain,afterwards ravaging everything; soon Dale was deserted and fell into ruin. It was only in the year 2941 of the Third Age that Smaug was killed by Bard the Bowman, a descendant of Girion, during the Battle of the Five Armies. After the war, recovering the riches amassed by the former lord, Bard refounded his Kingdom, which still flourishes todayThis man belongs to the King’s elite guard. While the dragon is a threat long gone and its only reminder are the bones laying in the lake in the ruins of Esgaroth of Old, the stories still are narrated of Bard and his prowess in slaying the dragon with a single shot of his Black Arrow through Smaug’s only weak spot: a patch of soft belly skin not encrusted by the treasure of Thror. And so in honour of this heroic feat, the Guard of the King adopted as rayment the icon of Smaug being shot by the Arrow. Such clothes are called affectionatively Slayer’s Raiments.  It’s been a while since I did a horse and rider outfit. I don’t remember if in the books it was ever specified the King of Dale having personal guards or not but… he’s a king, rules a kingdom so it’s pretty plausible XD I had this outfit idea for a long time, but I needed something to make it complete, and that was the warsteed cosmetics. I haven’t done the Battle for Erebor T2C on live, so had no access to the horse until they opened Bullroarer this week and a kind NPC gave me the deed. Thank you Eyes and Guard Tavern! I would have liked to use the full warsteed set, but the saddle clipped terribly with my character’s torso, and it was just horrible to look at. So saddle had to go

head: Fancy cap of Bard’s Will

shoulders: Greater Shoulders of the Hidden Blade, red dye, Pelennor Scout’s Gear Rewards Vendor in Minas Tirith

chest: Breastplate of the Slayer’s Rayment, navy dye, barter for Ash from the Keeper of Mysteries in any Allegiance Hall

hands: Engraved Iron Gauntlet, crimson dye, Dunland quest reward

feet: Lesser Defender of the West boots, navy dye, barter in Harndirion, warden set

back: Cloak of the Slayer’s Rayment, navy dye, barter for Ash from the Keeper of Mysteries in any Allegiance Hall

sword and shield: Veteran Pelennor’s Guardsman Valorous sword and Veteran’s Recruit Heavy Shield, weapon and heavy armour barter at the skirmish camp

warsteed cosmetics: Set of the Dale Lands, navy and ered luin blue (Equipment dye pack 3, lotro store) reward for beating the Erebor Raids at T2C

warsteed coat, mane and tail: Steed colour pack 4, lotro store

tail: Leather wrapped tail, lotro store


Lotro’s elevenses Anniversary, rewards preview

As all good Hobbits do, it is time for Elevenses, and elevenses indeed is this year’s celebration for Lotro’s 11th Anniversary! Happy birthday Lotro, 111 of these days! XD

the cosmetic clothes are Mirkwood themed  which I’ll list down below. The scavenger hunt is also active again, and adventures for year 11 added to the list.

Let’s start with this Eryn Lasgalen armour, and a… uhm… beautiful Gollum mask
2018 lotro anniversary mask2018 lotro anniversary2018 lotro anniversary quiverrewards

this steed is Majestic I believe this horse was teased years ago, in one of the promo pictures for Riders of Rohan. At the time nobody knew what steed that was and my memory is blurred, but I’d hazard this is the one. It also looks like Imrahil’s horse. Comes with warsteed cosmetics

we have the much coveted, promised new fiddles!rewards3

and a beaver pet

Sagrog the Bitter Warden

‘During what is now called The War of the Last Alliance, our friend was taken by the Enemy and borne into Mordor on the back of one of his winged fell-beasts. Our efforts to rescue Thelaron before he was taken beyond the Morannon failed, and in so doing, we nearly lost another of Gil-galad’s favoured warriors to the corruption of Morgul-steel.’

‘Even after Sauron fell at the end of the Second Age, we could not find Thelaron in Mordor. He was hidden somewhere beyond our sight, and the Enemy’s forces still remained to harry us – as few as they were after the War. Thus, our search begins anew. If Thelaron lives still, we shall find him!’ Megoril, “The Fates of the Damned” quest in Dor Amarth

1636‘Seven years…a mere seven years, and I heard the truth in Sauron’s words. Gil-galad had left me to die, and Sauron in His kindness wrought for me a new form and granted me a place among His greatest servants. Seven years, and He was defeated…but He will return.’ Lost Lore of the Abyss of Mordath
2014 0047 2715Sagrog, the Bitter Warden, has stood guard in the Abyss of Mordath for almost an Age to the deepest recesses of Sauron’s dungeon. Oblivious to his true self, all he knew was to stand watch, in the dark, waiting at time went by for any possible intruder who could have trespassed… but truly, who could ever think of doing so? Well, a dwarven king blinded by greed for his lost heirloom, a ring, one of the Seven. He minded him not. But whom he minded, was the Group of adventurers that came after. A band of righteous Free People determined to stop the dwarven king. They had no idea what awaited them past him, and he had no intention of letting them know. The Bitter Warden and the adventurers fought a fierce battle… and the Bitter Warden lost. How? Sauron gave him strenght, gave him a new life, new power he never knew before… before when he was Thelaron. Thelaron of the Silver Lances, sworn to Gil-Galad, captured by Sauron during the Last Alliance and tortured until he remodeled him Sagrog. The defeat by the hands of the adventurers made him remember. His old spirit awakened, and despite his body being defiled, his mind and spirit are now free. Thelaron let the adventurers go. Maybe they can truly stop the mad king. As for him, his fea free, but his hroa still chained to Mordor, there was no White Ship that could have brought him to Valinor
1156 0103The story is what actually happens when you run the Abyss of Mordath. This story in particular struck me as it is not a subject we encountered before in lotro stories. If you rolled a High Elf, you know Thelaron from the intro. We know from lore that it all started way before the First Age, with Morgoth and the world under the stars, he used to capture elves and defile them until they were remodeled as Orcs. The same here happened to Thelaron, though not as an Orc, Sauron reshaped him in one of his servants. As strong in body and spirit as they are, the Firstborn of Iluvatar are in fact not immune to corruption. I found his story a great nugget for a part of the lore that is quite sad to think about. Moving right along to the outfit itself, well this heavy armour looks so grim, I love it! It is an entirely new design from what we had so far, a “onsie” plated piece that is perfect for a villanous outfit. Combined with helmet, Sagrog is what came in my mind right away 5828 0287
head: Hardened Helm of the Expeditioner Vanguard, barter with ashes of creation in Mordor or one of the Allegiance Halls

shoulders: Bolstered pauldrons of the Expeditioner Vanguard, barter with ashes of creation in Mordor or one of the Allegiance Halls

chest: Buttressed chestplate of Thorin’s Vanguard, Black Book of Mordor reward

hands: Articulated Gauntlets of the Expeditioner Vanguard, barter with ashes of creation in Mordor or one of the Allegiance Halls

feet: Thic Sabatons of Thorin’s strenght, barter in Erebor

shield: Shield of the Swift River, barter in Great River

sword: Master Guardsman sword of the Nadlan, weapon barter at the skirmish camp

Spring Festival 2018 preview

Yes! Spring has sprung again and the summer festival just blossomed in Middle Earth. This year, we have more novelties than usual, jumping straight to the clothing, where we find a new shape of dress, which looks more like a longer version of the beorning tunics. This dress is ankle length, leaving freedom of choice for the footwear, and it also leaves the arms free. We also have a tunic and trousers with different length than usual, and ankle length boots that match the dress, and a cornucopia of flowers. The theme is, conveniently with U22, Lasgalen Spring


this steed to me is one of the best lotro ever had for festivals. I love all the flowers and the tail especially2179

next, fiddles. The decision of gating the new fiddles through festival has caused some controversy in the music community, and understandably so. If you are n a band that plays on multiple servers, it means that you have to go through the event with each of your toons… but as the fiddles are not bound, they can be sold or gifted by others. The price of 10 and 25 tokens is not too bad imo, a few runs of shrew stomping will suffice to get them

we have a couple nice surprises in the pet department as well. Pheasants and a cute hedgehog (I will get screens once I get them)

the dyes rotated their tokens

Reveller of Eryn Lasgalen

There were many people there, elvish-looking folk, all dressed in green and brown and sitting on sawn rings of the felled trees in a great circle. There was a fire in their midst and there were torches fastened to some of the trees round about; but most splendid sight of all: they were eating and drinking and laughing merrily. – J.R.R.Tolkien, the Hobbit, Flies and Spiders

5532 0244 5699

The Wood elves do not seem to mind throwing a feast under the boughs of darkened Mirkwood, indeed it is their home and they know to avoid immediate danger. They love their wine and their singing and dancing, even more so now that the maliciousness caused by Sauron as the Necromancer has been cleansed, and the wood slowly healing. For indeed Dol Guldur has been razed to the ground, and whispers from the forest speak of new leaves growing and tender flowers blooming. In their cave-home the Wood elves rejoice, rumors of victory, the lamps are lit, the barrels opened, the music played and the dances started, away Mirkwood, welcome Eryn Lasgalen the wood of Green Leaves!So, the new update landed in lotro land yesterday, and with it the BEAUTIFUL Felegoth, hem of the Wood Elves. This new area has a lot of new textures and decorations never seen before, and it is rather big, I kept getting lost navigating to do my quests XD we have new barter items for the house, new armour, and some cosmetics. The tunic here though is from the store, and it fits imo the image of a revelling elf. Exploring Felegoth, it is filled with little details everywhere, npcs talking and playing and bringing the place alive. I can say it is my absolute favorite thing of the whole update. But not all is good, I really wanted to give my revealer elf a fiddle… but the fiddle animation is bugged for male elves, he just stays immobile with the fiddle glued to a hand T_T

A little warning note I have to say is that this tunic has the problem most tunics have since the Riders of Rohan days: it warps the female elf body making the torso and legs very thin and the shoulders ultra wide so most armour clips. All in all though, I am very happy with the colour scheme and the details of the embroidery1923 2621

head: Hat of the Lady’s Grace, Dar Narbugud minstrel armour, barter in Caras Galadhon (same look of the Songmaster’s hat, barter in Ost Galadh)

chest: Courtly Lasgalen Spring Tunic, gold dye, lotro store

hands: Hat of the Lady’s Grace, Dar Narbugud minstrel armour, barter in Caras Galadhon

feet: Threadbare Shoes of the Dunland Healer, ranger green dye, Dunland quest reward

back: Cloak of the Rescuer, Thinglad quest reward

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