Spring festival 2019 rewards preview

For this year’s spring festival, we have two novelties. First is a bonnet with pom poms (which I think would look adorable on hobbits) and second the steed is a goat, no doubt to keep in theme with update 23, a dwarf based update all around. The clothing is also inspired by them, namely the foreign Zhelruka clan. As always red dye to show dyeable areas.

springmountain The dress has 3 sleeve lengths, I choose the long onespringmountain1 springmountain2springmountain3

then the goat. And this is probably the one goat I actually like


and lastly, dyes



Thlim Climbol

Penlod perished there in a lane with his back to the wall, and about him many of the men of the Pillar and many of the Tower of the Snow.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin
4163 3802Thlim Climbol or the House of the Pillar was one of the twelve noble Houses of Gondolin. They are only briefly mentioned in the Fall of Gondolin as being united with the House of the Tower of Snow under Penlod, and many perished with their lord, trying to defend the walls of the Hidden City. They were supposedly formed entirely by Noldor, and their symbol was a white tower in deep red field2389I have been more and more cranky regarding the direction Lotro has taken since Mordor about the grind and the token systems that have been piling on top of each other with each new release. Ash then motes than embers than figments… I would be happy to get figments for cosmetics if it wasn’t for the very steep cost that said cosmetics have at their barter npcs. To afford the 3 new pieces of gear you see here, I “ashed” (change the name but it is still Ash) gear that my shelved characters were wearing and I have no intention of levelling past Mordor. No regrets as I really love these cosmetics, but just the cloak alone was 5000 figments. There’s two versions of this set. Yikes. This outfit was originally fitted more the description of the book… but the new version even if “artistically interpreted” is much prettier. 3384 5344 2430

head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word, burgundy dye, cosmetic skirmish vendor

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy burgundy dye, barter in Caras Galadhon, or Lalia’s Market

chest: Brilliant Forest Defender’s Breastplate, barter for Figment of Splendour at the npc near Bree Boar fountain

hands: Gloves of the Lady’s Secrecy, barter in Caras Galadhon, or Lalia’s Market

feet:Brilliant Forest Defender’s Boots, barter for Figment of Splendour at the npc near Bree Boar fountain

back: Cloak of the Golden Forest Defender, burgundy dye, barter for Figment of Splendour at the npc near Bree Boar fountain

Lake-town angler

358508354462Lake-town has always been a merchant’s town. Being the center trade point of the Wilderland region between Dale, the Dwarves of Erebor and Mirkwood makes it a bustling town and not lacking in wares. It has its rich merchants and noblemen, but the common folk doesn’t seem to be passing a bad spell either. Surely not this woman, who rose early to procure her daily catch of lake fish to sell at the market. She is well equipped with all the nets, rods and creels an angler needs and sturdy leather clothes of a muted green to both keep herself dry and camouflage among the reeds. While out fishing, it is best to avoid becoming the catch of one of the many Avancs roaming the lake side.
535849325011 I wanted to make a very down to earth and simple outfit this time. I have not been using the U22 clothes much, but better late than never right? I find that the medium armour works very well by itself, and the only adjustment was for the shoulder piece, as the matching one is a skull that sits on the right shoulder… fortunately the mantle-like shoulder piece that is customary of the U23 light armour worked well with the rest of the outfit, and ashenslades green dye tied it all together

shoulders: Gentle Mantle of the Strongholds, ashenslades green dye, U23 quest reward

chest: Reinforced Hauberk of Thranduil’s Power, ashensladed green, Epic quest reward or barter from the Elves of Felegoth

hands: Dexterous Gages of Thranduil’s Cunning, ashensladed green, barter from the Elves of Felegoth

feet: Lithe Boots of Thranduil’s Cunning, ashensladed green, barter from the Elves of Felegoth

back: Fishing Creel, reward for the Anniversary Scavenger event

Yule outfit contest 2018 winners!

Let me start this post by saying a big, big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest. We had a total of 72 entries! That so many of you were interested and willing to participate really makes me happy. All outfits were screened before entering the contest, and all of the outfits evaluated with the following criteria by Cosmetic Lotro, Material Middle-Earth and myself

Representative of the Yule or Winter theme and spirit.
Originality of the overall design.
Integration of the various pieces used.
Blending of dye colours.
Overall impression.

After this process the following 3 winners emerged by combining the points given by each outfit blog:

FIRST PLACE – 1550 Turbine Points
Holfi of Laurelinholfi

Head: Wintry Yule Cap (crimson dye)
Shoulders: Fur Mantle (default dye)
Back: Sage’s Pack (white dye)
Chest: Ale Association Robe (crimson dye)
Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves (red dye)
Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes (red dye)

SECOND PLACE – Perlino steed (account wide code)
Lisi of Arkenstonelisi

Head: Trapper’s Bandana (walnut brown)
Back: Elven Prospector’s Pack (white)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf (white)
Chest: From-bréost (umber)
Hands: Storvâgûn’s Spare Gloves
Feet: Storvâgûn’s Spare Boots
Weapon: Miner’s Hammer

THIRD PLACE – Hauberk of the Mithril Guard (account wide code)
Mellime of Arkenstonemellime

Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders (White Dye)
Back: Feathered-cloak of the North-men (Sea Blue)
Chest: Ceremonial Hoary Aurochs Robe (Sea Blue)
Hands: Wildermore Survivor’s Light Gloves (White)
Feet: Silver-thread Slippers (Sea Blue)


lastly, here’s a carousel of all the outfits that entered the contest!

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Forochel herder

285919423003 Life is not easy in the icy wastes of Forochel. The Lossoth, the only human presence to be found know this very well and have learned to survive with any and all resource this inhospitable land gives them. One such resource is herding mammoths. Cattle as such, cows and bulls are nowhere to be found, instead replaced by the giant mammoths and aurochs. At crack of dawn, this lossoth herder prepares himself and his steed for another day in the “pasture”45990021Both covered in heavy fur garments, they gallop fast to the herding grounds. Evil Gauredain, the wolf-men are often seen lurking around the precious herd in hopes to snatch an ill deserved meal. This Lossoth is prepared to chase them away if they ever dare to come close to the herd however, and nothing escapes his vigilant eyes, nor the heavy hooves of his horse112235420433Happy new year y’all! Figured I should start the new year with a winter themed outfit, and a horse to pair it with since I haven’t done a matching outfit in a while. Assembling this outfit makes glaring the big problem lotro has with clipping, which is becoming worse the more cosmetics are added to the game… but that’s the game’s years showing I guess. While the cloak is made of feathers and not fur, I used it anyway as it looked nice with the “wear whatever you need to fend off the cold” effect I was going for

head: Worn Hood, umber dye, Beorning male starter armour

shoulders: Fur mantle, Yule festival reward

chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Breastplate, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

hands: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Gloves, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

legs: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Boots, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

feet: Ajokoira Shoes, umber dye, Forochel Tailoring reputation recipe

back: Cloak of the Wise Wanderer, barter for Figments of splendor at the npc near Bree boar fountain

warsteed: Snowbeast steed, tail and mane: Steed colour pack 4, coat: Steed colour pack 6, lotro store

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