Passage through the Shire by companies of elves travelling West was a tried and true route, unseen, quiet and swift, these companies sought the cover of the woods and the night to mask their presence from the eyes f unsuspecting small folk, not wanting to disturb the peace of the Shire. One such elf traverses the Bindebole Wood just north of Overhill, clad in colors that help her blend with the night, just as her steed and with only a small lantern as her source of light.

We entered August, and that usually means two things: the waning of summer and the Farmer’s Faire festival in game (formerly Summerfest). So here I am with a themed outfit which is actually a rehashing of an old one, not on this blog anymore with the addition of a couple modern items. I purchased the steed of Nightwood a long time ago yet I never tried to match it, the one attempt from years ago was never any good either. But I’m happy with how this turned out, sometimes a simple thing like changing a cloak or using a prop can tie together an outfit that wouldn’t work otherwise

head: Hood of the White Mountains, indigo dye, West Gondor quest reward

shoulders: Light Nadhin shoulders, umber dye, barter in Dol Amroth

chest: Tattered Robe of the Dunland Sage, indigo dye, Dunland quest reward

hands: Leather bracers of the Learned Stag, sienna dye, Dunland quest reward

feet: Boots of the Great Alliance, Minas Morgul collector pack

back: Morgul Explorer’s light cloak, indigo dye, Reclamation of Minas Ithil barter

prop: Lantern, Farmer’s Faire reward

horse: Steed of the Nightwood, lotro store, indigo dye

The Kinn lai tribe

Ages ago, when the world was Young and the light of the Stars was all that lit its Surface, the Quendi awoke. The Elves, or Quendi as they called themselves, lived together until the Vala Orome came to bring them to Valinor. Yet not all of them answered the summons. Some, not trusting the Valar decided to remain in Middle Earth. Avari they became, the Unwilling. As the ages passed, it is unknown what happened to most of them. Some say their tribes are extinct, some secluded, but what we know for certain is that one of these tribes called themselves the Kinn-lai

Kinn-lai is an Avarin word meaning “the People”. It derives from Primitive Quendian kwendī. This tribe is mentioned just in passing in History of Middle Earth, but the fan lore from Middle Earth RolePlay (MERP) expanded significantly on them, and this is where I got inspiration from this outfit. In MERP this tribe of Avari Elves comes from the jungles of the Mûmakan in the Utter South of Middle-earth. They lived in stone buildings and metalwork was largely unknown to them until they met the Blacklocks clan of dwarves from which they learned metallurgy. Living in the jungle, stone buildings, little to no metal… well the brawler Dar Narbugud set is perfect for this! I gotta say the DN set alone is worth levelling a brawler, because it is truly unique and it looks of another era. The leaf motif and leather bands very much speak silvan elf to me, but with a twist so I thought, let’s give this outfit a real twist and make it represent something that is at the border of Tolkien lore (and imo so is the brawler, yes it is a fun class to play and I have fun with mine, but don’t come tell me it fits the canon XD) A pair of leaf gloves, a very simple cloak and two swords that this elf probably crafted learning in a dwarven smithy complete the look. And the location? None other than the Lost Temple in the Trollshaws! Perfect alternative to a true jungle with ziqqurats.

chest: Breastplate of the Lady’s Decisiveness, barter in Caras Galadhon, brawler trainer

shoulders: Fur-Lined Storyteller’s Mantle, olive dye, dunland quest reward

hands: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, olive dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Boots of the Lady’s Decisiveness, barter in Caras Galadhon, brawler trainer

back: Cloak of the Dreamflower, olive dye, Moria epic quest reward

swords: Sword of Harad, drop from the Osgiliath instances

Gentle starlight, waning moonlight

Happy 15th Anniversary lotro! Sure things didn’t go smooth, with the runekeeper satchel problem and the missing valars, but overall, this has been the richest fest so far. Plenty of things are now free for players and who logs in during the Anniversary receives the goodies that are part of the collector’s edition for Mordor, Minas Morgul and 3 peaks, plus this lovely steed. I am not vip so i didn’t get the cloak, but as I never bought Morgul Collector edition, the armour I used in this post is new to me. Paired with the moon cloak, I think it makes for a nice night sky theme 😉

shoulders: The Beast Keeper’s shoulderpads, white dye, barter in Harndirion

chest: Chestplate of the Great Alliance, ered luin blue, Minas Morgul collector edition

hands:Gloves of the Great Alliance, Minas Morgul collector edition

legs: Greaves of the Great Alliance, ered luin blue, Minas Morgul collector edition

feet: Boots of the Great Alliance, ered luin blue, Minas Morgul collector edition

back: Hoh-Dreng, ered luin blue dye, Dunland quest reward

horse: Steed of Starlight, 15 anniversary reward

The bunny cloak

This counts as spring/anniversary/easter outfit all in one XD Also, as the “female version” of a very old outfit from Starry Mantle’s blog, Quick as a bunny I’ve always heard this cloak called “the bunny cloak” in all my years of lotro because it’s the only one featuring… well literally a bunny on it. It can’t be dyed so that makes it tricky to match and it has a lot of colors. I’ve been meaning to make an outfit around it for the longest time but kind of forgot the cloak even existed with new cosmetics rolled into the game at almost every festival. The lack of new cosmetic clothes for spring has been a breather, to be honest, I can dedicate my grinding efforts to the upcoming anniversary without feeling festival burnout, and give some love to this very old cloak that existed since the beginning of lotro

shoulders: Pristine Dwarf-make Shoulder Guards, crafted tailor recipe, world drop

chest: Mathom Long-sleeved Dress, olive dye, barter with Mathom hunters rep in Michel Delving

back: loak From the Men of Bree, bartered at Bree-town, Men of Bree vendor rep

Angle Scout

the Angle of Mitheithel was the wedge of land between the rivers of Hoarwell and Loudwater, south of the Trollshaws. It was originally part of Arnor, then annexed to Rhudaur, and later in the thrid age even home for the Stoors, one of the hobbit branches who crossed the Misty Mountains. In the old days, elves established outposts and held their last line of defense during the war of Eregion against Sauron, not all that is left are haunted ruins, much like the remnants of Rhudaur. The Dunedain made their home among such ruins, and together with Elrond’s scouts safeguard this strip of land from any remaining evil threatening to move further into Eriador. This scout is one of them, appointed by Lord Elrond, clad in the colors of the forest, skulking unseen seeking threats to take down. Her equipment is made up of both mannish and elven attire, in a mix that is as practical as it is of good quality

Yup, I decided to go with lotrO lore instead of classic lotr for the background of this outfit. I love the new region, it feels like being transported back in the SoE era of lotro, it has that classic feeling to it while visually an upgrade from old Trollshaws. I just wish we could cross into Eregion from the river… also I finally found a use for this anniversary cloak. Why oh why only a hooded version exists of it?

chest: Lági’s Shiny Cuirass, epic quest reward (the Legacy of Durin, chapter 1.4)

hand: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step, umber dye, cosmetic vendor at the skirmish camp

feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step, umber dye, cosmetic vendor at the skirmish camp

back: Hooded Cloak of the Woodland Realm, reward for the 8th year of anniversary

bow: LI, Third Age bow lvl 54

daggers: Blade of Swift Stings, Heroes of the Limlight Gorge barterer, Ally standing

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