Wanderer of Thinglad


On thinglad shores

The robe of the Learned Stag is one of my favorite cosmetic item in lotro. It was introduced with the Rise of Isengard expansion as a quest reward, I saw one day a player wearing it and I liked it right away, but at the time I didn’t have the expac, and was waiting patiently for the quest pack to go on discount in the lotro store. I was happy to find that robe as an early reward from the first quest chain that players can do in Trum Dreng (Lan Tharren quest chain). The robe is beautiful, it dyes well in all colors and looks good on all races.

water lore

to shine bright

head: tawarwaith hat of the awakened, t6 crafted

chest: robe of the learned stag, dunland quest reward

shoulders: noriel’s folly, thinglad quest reward

back: cloak of the unwelcomed guest, thinglad quest reward

gloves: wynmar’s last wish, thinglad quest reward

all dyed turquoise


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