Guardian of Silindrin

(from the earliest tales)

Silindrin was the great cauldron Aulë made wherein Telperion had its roots.

Ulmo fared at Manwë`s asking to the great pools of radiance from the overthrowing of the lamps Ormal and Illuin and drew rivers of light into vessels and took them back to Valinor and there it was poured into the cauldrons of Aulë; Kulullin and Silindrin.

Silindrin was set in a great pit and Ossë threw in three great pearls from the sea  and Varda after hm threw a small star in it, then they covered it with foams and white mists and thereafter it was covered with earth. Yet a part of it was free and that part was in the midst of the Gardens of Lórien within a ring of shadowy towering cypress, there it lay in a bed of pearls and its surface shone with silver flickerings, and the shadows of the trees lay on it, the mountains of Valinor could see their faces mirrored there. Here came Silmo with a silver urn to draw a draught of its shimmering cools and fared then to pour it over Telperion.

The idear of gathering lights and store it in vats and pools survived and emerged again in relation to the two Trees. There it is told that “the dews of Telperion and the rain of Laurelin Varda hoarded in great vats like shining lakes, that were to all the land of the Valar as wells of water and light

(site source: Annals of Arda)


this elf maid is a guardian of the cauldron, she watches over the delicate light that illuminates the surroundings of Silindrin, a radiance of the splendid white tree Telperion.


After the darkening of Valinor and the creation of the Sun and the Moon, the silver light of Silindrin was used to restore the vessel of the nigh, the Rose of Telperion, of its vital strenght. The Moon is also known as Ràna in Quenya, Ithil in Sindarin and the oldest recorded name of the Moon was its Valarin name, Phanaikelūth.


the guardian of the silver pool witnessed the Rise of the Moon, and revered the Rose of Telperion. She adorned her cloak with the image of Ràna, and watches every night the vessel depart from the garden of Silindrin to start his journey in the sky.


This is the first outfit I made with a strict concept of lore behind it. I didn’t want to write about classic lore, so I chose the earliest tales written by the Professor,  which is a topic that is a little bit more “obscure” and fun to explore 🙂

head: Hat of the Hopeful Melody, ered luin blue dye, classic skirmish barter

chest: Ornamented Dunlending Surcoat, ered luin blue dye, dunland quets reward

shoulders: Shoulders of the Rallying Shout, ered luin blue dye, barter with medallions of Moria 21st hall

hands: Runemaker’s gloves, classic skirish barter

feet: Runemaker’s shoes, ered luin blue dye, classic skirmish barter

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