(from the earliest tales)

Meril-i-Turinqui was the Lady of Tol Eressea in “The Cottage of Lost Play”.
She was also known as the Lady of the Isle, the ruler of Alaminorë “the Land of Elms”, the central region of Eressëa.



It is supposed that Meril-i-Turinqui is  a Vanyarin elf, and also that she is related to the family of King Ingwe being the granddaughter of  Ingwe’s son Ingwion (known in the Tales as  Ingil or Ingwiel).


Meril’s story is written in the earliest tales books (The Book of Lost Tales) and the first two books of History of Middle Earth which means that it is considered to be from J.R.R. Tolkien’s earlier, unrevised writings, so this information can’t necessarily be considered a canon.

0750The dyable parts of the Exquisite elven dress take a sort of light gold color when dyed white (yay for clothing’s base hue XD), which match the undyable parts of the cloak and the hat, I thought a gold and white outfit would be fitting for this vanyarin noble maid 🙂

head: Hat of the Concerned Elf, white dye, Great River quest reward

chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, white dye, Mirkwood kindred reputation or lotro store, cosmetic

back:  Cloak of the Seven Stars, white dye, Skirmish camp cosmetics and classic barter, Annuminas light set

5 thoughts on “Meril-i-Turinqui

  1. Oooooh! That dress and cloak look soooo lovely togheter!! 😀
    Very beautiful and gentle outfit and the screenshots have such a lovely atmosphere! ^_^
    I really love the anniminas cloaks, but I’ve not gotten meself to use them very often as I don’t really fancy the hoods, (they hide my pretty hats!) but maybe one day they will add a unhooded version too! (Like they did with the adorable task-reward-cloaks at Lalia’s market) However you made the hooded version look sooo amazing, I might actually give those hooded cloaks a chance! ^_^

    • thank you Rosline 🙂 actually for me is the opposite, I love hooded cloaks and I never use hats much, unless are in the shape of hoods or circlets (rarely I use helms) I agree that both hooded and not hooded cloaks can give a lot more options for outfits 😉

  2. The purple pic at the top is quite amazing!
    Question: do u have any fav emotes for screenshots…was going to be something to do later…

    • thanks tsuhelm, welcome to the blog! I find that I use a lot the /spin emote and the /dance_man, because I think the poses you can get when screenshotting are quite useful, but I really don’t have a “favorite”, is more what I use most and use less

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