Lorien light

Laurelindorenan, Lothlórien, or Lorien, is translated as “Lórien of the Blossom“. These are the golden woods where Elves dwell high in the mallorn-trees and are ruled by Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel. The Golden Wood, is a safe heaven at the edge of the Black Pit of Moria.



The golden leaves of the mellyrn (sing. mallorn) reflect the light of the sun during the day, and that of the moon in the night, surrounding everything in a halo of gold and blue.
0134 1004

chest: Lorien tunic and pants, Cerin Amroth barters, default dye first two, violet dye

back: Cloak of Twilight, lotro store, default dye first two, violet dye

This post focuses not much on the outfit (which even if it is very simple I find the pair with the tunic and cloak to be very lovely :)) but on how the light in the Lorien region radically changes during night time and day time, and it also affects the colors of the objects. I left the outfit with the default color in the first two posts while I dyed it violet in the last two, to better match with the night blue. Day and night have the most contrast, but also the light during dawn and dusk differs a lot, being light blue during dawn and orange during dusk. I might make another post to show it, who knows 😉


2 thoughts on “Lorien light

  1. the light during night in Lorien is my favourite, is so different from nighttime in other places of Middle Earth, it gives a dreamy atmoshpere to the surroundings 🙂 ty for the comment Starry 😉

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