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This outfit is the second of a duo that I like to call “moods”, the first is Carefree



I really wanted to find a good outfit for these shoulders, they have a weird shape and I couldn’t think of a suitable match for the orange-y color of the leaves, that is until I started checking the cosmetics in my storage and stumbled upon this cloak, which came close to the shoulders color. The circlet dyed burgundy was a decent match for the undyable parts, which are close to burgundy as well.


head: Hat of the Written word, burgundy dye, light armour barter with Medallions of Moria, 21st hall, skirmish cosmetic barter

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Favor, Caras Galadhon warden barter, share appearance with the High warden’s Shoulders, violet dye, Ost Galadh warden barter for skirm medallions

chest: Elf queen’s dress, purple dye, lotro store

back: Cloak of the Fallen Leaves, violet dye, lotro store


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