Guardian of Kulullin

(from the earliest tales)

Kulullin was the great cauldron Aulë made wherein Laurelin had its roots.

Ulmo fared at Manwë`s asking to the great pools of radiance from the overthrowing of the lamps Ormal and Illuin and drew rivers of light into vessels and took them back to Valinor and there it was poured into the cauldrons of Aulë; Kulullin and Silindrin.

Kulullin was set in a great pit and Ulmo threw in seven rocks of gold from the depths of the sea with a fragment of the lamp Ormal. The pit was covered with rich earth as Yavanna had devised. Aulë had contrived a fountain springing with the shining water of pure light and so in the Gardens of Vána, where this cauldron was, the air was full of health and happiness.

The idea of gathering lights and store it in vats and pools survived and emerged again in relation to the two Trees. There it is told that “the dews of Telperion and the rain of Laurelin Varda hoarded in great vats like shining lakes, that were to all the land of the Valar as wells of water and light


this elf maid is a guardian of the cauldron, she watches over the golden light that illuminates the surroundings of Kulullin, a radiance of the splendid gold tree Laurelin.



After the darkening of Valinor and the creation of the Sun and the Moon, the golden light of Kulullin was used to restore the vessel of the day, the Fruit of Laurelin, of its vital strenght. The Sun is also known as Vàsa in Quenya, Anor in Sindarin and the oldest recorded name of the Sun was its Valarin name, Aþâraigas.


the guardian of the gold pool witnessed the Rise of the Sun, and revered the Fruit of Laurelin. She adorned her cloak with the image of Vàsa, and watches every dawn the vessel depart from the garden of Vàna to start her journey in the sky.


This is an outfit that goes together with the Guardian of Silindrin

back: Dolen-Clog, red dye, Dunland quest reward

shoulders: Shoulders of the Wall-Warden, crimson dye, skirmish classic barter

chest: Ceremonial Town Saver’s jacket crimson dye, skirmish cosmetic barter

hands: Explorer’s gloves, red dye

legs: Ceremonial Leggings of the Poet Heart, crimson dye, skirmish cosmetic vendor

feet: Ceremonial Dragon scale Boots, skirmish cosmetic barter

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