Elf Lord

06-27 47-16I like those boots a lot. I don’t think there is a similar swirly pattern on any of the boots we have in lotro, the way they dye also give them a kind of velvety texture that is really nice, the tricky part is match the weird blue swirls that are undyable. The jacket that I used here and the cloak had the same velvety texture, so I tried to do an overall balance of colors for the outfit, and I thought it was a suitable ensemble for an elf lord of Celondim. white dye did the job XD03-4817-70

chest: Jacket of the Spear Way, white dye, purple medium armour barter at Ox Clan Camp (Dunland)

hands: Runemaker’s gloves, skirmish classic barter

feet: High-Warden’s boots, warden barter armour (skirm meds) at Ost Galadh, mirkwood, Β share appearance with the warden Dar Naburgud set from Caras Galadhon

back: Elf Lord’s cloak, white dye, lotro store


4 thoughts on “Elf Lord

    • thanks πŸ™‚ the boots share appearance also with the warden Dar Naburgud set from Caras Galadhon, armour of the Lady’s Favour (I will have to add it to the description later XD) and are unique in lotro

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