Nen Harn



Nen Harn is a small area in the north-eastern Bree land, its lake has five islands, the largest holding the ruins of an ancient building. The area is abandoned, no one lives there and is a peaceful oasis to take a stroll… just don’t pay attention to the wandering “snapper” turtles around XD



In the previous outfits I used a lot of items that were class exclusive, from store or barter with medallions, that I was able to combine how I wanted thanks to the wardrobe, this time however I decided to try something much simpler, an old style lotro outfit made of all crafted items ( I like to call them evergreen, because some crafted pieces never lose their beauty ;D ) which are very easy to get, if you can’t craft them as you don’t have a tailor, all these can be found at any time in the Auction, the gloves, shoulders and boots are recipes from mirkwood reputation, but a good replacement can be the tier 6 Searcher and Footman sets (and the levels above as they all share appearance) I like the design of the cloak and chestpiece a lot, and thought that it was a good look for a woodland traveller. The shots were taken in Nen Harn, my favourite area in Bree land, aside Hengstacer farm during the festivals, hehe 🙂

shoulders: Golden Host Shoulder guards of the Awakened, turquoise dye, tier 6 medium crafted, recipe barter with mirkwood reputation

chest: Elven hunter’s armour, turquoise dye, medium tier 4 crafted

hands: Golden Host Gloves of Haleness, turquoise dye, tier 6 medium crafted, recipe barter with mirkwood reputation

legs: Elven Outrider leggings, turquoise dye, tier 3 crafted

feet: Golden Host Boots of the Gloaming, turquoise dye, tier 6 medium crafted, recipe barter with mirkwood reputation

back: Traveller’s cloak, turquoise dye, tier 2 light crafted


4 thoughts on “Nen Harn

  1. I’ve just gone through all your old posts. I absolutely LOVE the outfits you’ve done from The Book of Lost Tales. I’m a huge fan of the early stuff.

    • thanks so much Fionnuala! I started the tales series as a bit of an experiment, and it turned out to be really fun to try and impersonate the characters 🙂 I’m happy you like it 😀

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