Olórë Mallë

(from the earliest tales)

Olórë Mallë, also known as the Path of Dreams (Qenya, olórë (dream) mallë (street), was a path made by Lórien from Middle Earth to Valinor. Lórien created this road at the bidding of Manwë who looked with sorrow upon the occultament of Valinor. It was a road by which the children of Men would at times come to Valinor in their sleep. It was a lane of deep banks and great overhanging hedges, beyond which stood many tall trees and where a perpetual whisper seemed to live among the foliage. At the end of the lane stood a high gate of lattice-work that shone golden in the dusk. The gate opened up to winding paths leading into the fairest of all the gardens, in the middle of the garden stood a white cottage, The Cottage of the Children.



This maiden is a caretaker, her task is to make sure that the children of Men arrive safely at the Cottage, and safeguard their sleep and dreams




Olórë Mallë is a location described in the earliest tales books (The Book of Lost Tales) which means that it is considered to be from J.R.R. Tolkien’s earlier, unrevised writings, so this information can’t necessarily be considered a canon.

chest: Lore Keeper’s robe, dark green dye, classic skirmish barter, ceremonial version at Lalia’s market

hands: Padded gloves of fate, gold dye, random world drop

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s shoes, dark green dye, Great River quest reward

back: Cloak of the Golden Oak, dark green dye, skirmish cosmetic barter

7 thoughts on “Olórë Mallë

    • thanks 🙂 when thinking of a place to take the screenies, I figured lothlorien was the right place, as galadriel modeled it to the likeness of the gardens of Lorien in Valinor, and Olore Malle being made by the same Vala, shared the same resemblance

    • indeed some of the earliest ideas he had were really fascinating and peculiar, like this one, a place where Men can reach the lands of the Valar even though they can’t phisically venture there.
      And the robe, it is definitely a must have in the wardrobe haha! ;D

      • On the plus side, it gives me more room to be inspired by his ideas and adapt that inspiration in my own fantasy writings. So I guess I can’t complain. I even have something a little like the Olore Malle, though it was actually inspired by something from Finnish mythology and I hadn’t associated it with Tolkien’s version until now. Perhaps we were even inspired by the same thing. 🙂

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