Tough skin


I recently came up with a couple outfits that look “sturdier” than the usual light armour for the light classes, and I use them as their battle and travelling outfits, this time it is my loremaster to model


I recommend you to check out this outfit made by Starry of Starry Mantle for a Dunlending Druidess it looks great and features the unique metal plate shoulders from the Moria instance set, a strong look for a druidess 🙂


I am really happy with how this outfit turned out. It has a sturdy look but still keeps a loremaster-ish feel to it, the Ost Dunoth armour looks good with the moria skirt, I always have troubles making an outfit with that kind of skirt, it has a weird shape and unusual color scheme, I like how the shoulder piece I used has the same color pattern of the skirt.
The teeth of the Wold Salamanders can’t even scratch my elf XD


shoulders: Mathom hunter’s mantle, burgundy dye, hobbit presents light armour

chest: Lesser Arrow of the West Breastplate, burgundy dye, Harndirion barter, mannequin, lotro store

hands: Lesser Arrow of the West Gauntlets, burgundy dye, Harndirion barter, mannequi, lotro store

legs: Trousers of the first letters, light armour barter with medallions of Moria

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s boots, burgundy dye, Great River quest reward

the staff is the level 85 second age staff, I love the design of it, it reminds me of the Ox Spirit Munfaeril, that players can meet while questing in Enedwaith and Dunland


3 thoughts on “Tough skin

  1. How did I miss this? Brilliant outfit, what an unusual combination! Even the hair colour that your picked coordinates. I really like the “tough light armour” look, well done Gloredh! 🙂

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