Leaves of Telperion

Lelya Culúrien ar silma Ninquelótë
Aldúya sílankálan alcarin vesta!

(quenya: Lovely Laurelin and silver Telperion,
The Two Trees shine silver and golden in a glorious union)

28224512The archetype of the white tree of Gondor, Telperion had delicate leaves that were silver on the underside and emitted a light glowing, when its sparkle was at its fullest, it was considered to be “nighttime” in Valinor. I do think that the Lorien crafted cloak that I used here dyed white is good enough to represent the leaves of Telperion, the base hue is almost translucent and the colors take a nice nuance on it11324158

shoulders: Noriel’s folly, white dye, Great River quest reward

chest: elegant dress, skirmish cosmetic barter

back: Lothlorien Hooded Cloak of the Elder, white dye, tier 6 crafted, recipe barter with Galadhrim

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