Swan of Alqualonde


2540Alqualondë, the Swanhaven, was the chief city of the Falmari (Teleri) on the shores of Valinor. The city was located north and east of Tirion between the Calacirya and Araman in north Eldamar. The city was built in a natural harbour made of rock, other than the great harbours it also housed the Tower of Olwë its Lord. The city was covered with the pearls the Elves had found in the sea and jewels which they bartered from the Noldor. The famed swanships were moored here, The Teleri (later being called by the epithet the Swanherds) especially revered swans, and named their city Alqualondë (the Swanhaven) and built their ships in swan-form.


I recently got the minstrel robe from the Barad Guldur set and I thought it was appropriate to represent a telerin elf, as it has two swans silhouettes on the front, also I had those leggings in my storage for the longest time, and never found a suitable match because they have a very light green-ish undyable parts, and the color came close to that of the jacket. The cloak and hood completed the outfit, dyed sea blue it just says “Alqua!” 😉

(note: In Sindarin “swan” is alph, Quenya cognate is alqua, as in Alqualondë, and the Telerin is “alpa”. In Tolkien’s early tongues Ilkorin (Avarin) and Danian (Nandorin), “swan” was “alch” and “ealc”, respectively. Other early conceptions include Gnomish (Noldorin) “alfa” or “alfuil” and Qenya “alqe”.)



The screenshots were taken in Lorien at Dawn, when the light is light blue

head: Far-arrow’s Helm, sea blue dye, hunter barter at Ost Galadh (BG set), skirmish classic vendor (I used the 85 version)

chest: Robe of the Hopeful Melody, sea blue dye, minstrel barter at Ost Galadh (BG set), skirmish classic vendor

hands: Runemaker’s Gloves, sea blue dye, skirmish classic vendor (85 version)

legs: Troll-kicker’s leggings, sea blue dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Shoes of the Hopeful Melody, sea blue dye, minstrel barter at Ost Galadh (BG set), skirmish classic vendor

back: Cloak of the Ibis, sea blue dye, lotro store


2 thoughts on “Swan of Alqualonde

  1. Awesome outfit and screenshots! I love a great swan-themed Elvish look. 🙂 In the third screenshot down from the top, she looks like she’s saying “The water… is… so… cold…” 😛

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