Prized Rivendell Steed

3108The Prized rivendell steed is one of my favorite horses, barter in Rivendell at kindred status, it has a gold and silver tack and the hide is a rich reddish-brown. It is a very elegant horse and i thought to match it with an outfit for his rider 🙂 The Frostbluff dress of thanks has undyable brown and grey parts that come close to those of the tack, and gold dye did the job
2968The minstrel hat from Ost Galadh is one of the most beautiful in lotro. I normally don’t use hats, but this sure deserves to be in an outfit, the design is unique. The shoulders are those from the Ettenmoors, I never used them in an outfit before, but they match the hat well XD

head: Songmaster’s hat, minstrel barter at Osh Galadh, skirmish medallions

shoulders: Harmonious Pauldrons,gold dye, pvp minstrel barter at Glan Vraig (mine are the level 75, level 85 set has the same appearance)

chest: Frostbluff dress of thanks, gold dye, Yule festival quest reward (helping the poor), can be found at the auction


2 thoughts on “Prized Rivendell Steed

  1. My favorite hat! I love this outfit. I very rarely see outfits that look good in gold, but this is lovely. And I think you’ve made me appreciate the Rivendell Steed more.

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