Leaves of Ossiriand

Ossiriand, or Land of Seven Rivers, was the most eastern region of Beleriand during the First Age, lying between the Blue Mountains and the river Gelion. It was a green land covered with forests. In the early First Age before the rise of the Moon, a part of the Telerin elves called Nandor entered Ossiriand, and were given permission by Thingol to inhabitate the lands.
After them the land was often renamed Lindon, after the old clan-name of the Teleri which the Nandor still used in their tongue, The Singers. They became known as the Laiquendi, or Green-Elves.41-97 42-07

This elf is one of the elusive Laiquendi of the forests, clad in a green attire that lets her blend with the environment, a leaf motif ornates her light dress and she wears large leaves as shoulderpads, her hood and cloak also have a leaf pattern, and provide a soft protection against the afternoon breeze.14-29 14-02

head: Helm of the Lady’s Secrecy, dark green dye, Dâr Narbugud barter set for burglar, ceremonial version at Lalia’s market

shoulders: shoulders of the Deathstorm, dark green dye, classic skirmish barter

chest: Summerdays dress, dark green dye, summer festival reward

back: Summerdays cloak, dark green dye, summer festival reward

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