Explorer of Eregion


33304323When my second runekeeper was running around in Eregion I made her a new travelling outfit, it is very easy to get the pieces as are all crafted armour, minus the cloak. i like how the design on the cloak matches the gold inlay of the Eregion ruins 🙂 I used burgundy dye to go with the undyable orange parts, as it seemed to me that it came close to match the beautiful sky of the region.06114452


chest: sturdy elven leather armour, burgundy dye, medium crafted

gloves: Cotton gloves, burgundy dye, tier 3 light crafted

legs: sturdy elven leather leggings, burgundy dye, medium crafted

feet: sturdy elven leather boots, burgundy dye, medium crafted

back: Cloak of the Sunset wood, rose dye, lotro store


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