Into the black and twisted forest

“But the forest is queer… And the trees do not like strangers. They watch you. They are usually content merely to watch you, as long as daylight lasts, and don’t do much… But at night things can be most alarming, or so I am told. I have only once or twice been in here after dark, and then only near the hedge. I thought all the trees were whispering to each other, passing news and plots along in an unintelligible language; and the branches swayed and groped without any wind.”

Merry, The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring


The Old Forest is located on the eastern border of Buckland, near the Shire, along with Fangorn, is all that remained of a vast and ancient primordial forest that once coveredall of Eriador before the Second Age, and is one of the few forests that the Elves decided to wake and teach to speak. In the Second Age, the forest came under threat by the cutting of trees perpetrated by the Númenoreans. Later, when Sauron declared war on the elves, the havoc he created resulted in the near destruction of Eriador and the burning of a large part of the forest.


A valley lay at the center of the wood and the Withywindle river flowed through it.  A strange power flows alongside the water, an ancient and twisted power…



It is the consciousness of the Old Man Willow,  a great willow tree, the root cause of much of the Forest’s anger and hatred toward the trespassers that pass through there. He may have once been an Ent who with the passing of time had become a Huorn. He has great power within the Old Forest, adventurers who wander near its roots will slowly fall into slumber, and most likely will be engulfed into the forest itself…


When all seems lost, search for the light in the dark


Yellow strikes again! With the blue-greenish light that there is in the old forest, yellow dye turned out a nice shade of bright green in this travelling outfit, and it goes well with the landscape. Old forest scared me a bit the first time I ventured there, with all the twists and turns, trees and spiders that infest the place and jump at you from the foliage, I was relieved when I discovered Tom Bombadil’s cottage… “Hey do merry do!” XD It is nice to wander in there at higher levels, and explore without having to constantly look for mobs. The forest also has a magical feel to it.

chest: Footman’s armour, Yellow dye, tier 6 medium crafted

hands: Ceremonial gloves of the Lady’s foresight, Yellow dye, purchase at Laila’s market

legs: Trousers of the Stone-reader’s Apprentice, Yellow dye, Ost Galadh barter, lore masters set

feet: Boots of the Shadow-walker, yellow dye, classic skirmish barter, ceremonial version at laila’s market

back: Cloak of the Dreamflower, Yellow dye, volume 2 epic line, quest reward


hide: solid hide, black, color pack 2, lotro store

tail: simple tail, sooty, color pack 2, lotro store


2 thoughts on “Into the black and twisted forest

  1. This is a really unexpected and great looking combination! I definitely have a soft spot for chartreuse. Great job matching the kind of awkward base colour of the leggings to the sleeves of the chest piece, I love it! 🙂

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