The Summerfest horse is a white horse with a bright green saddle decorated with golden symbols, accordingly to the typical colors of summer season.

4099 0417

This steed was a reward from the 2011 summer festival. after a recent lotro update the horse disappeared from the mount skill tab, and it is now available again at the Farmer Faire festival, barter for one faire token. I like this horse, its tack has such cheerful colors! The green of the saddle goes nicely with the color of the dress, which is another summer festival reward, like the cloak I used here. I added the Isengard light shoulderpads (purple set), they go very well with dresses 😉


shoulders: Shoulder pads of Resolve, dark green dye, barter at Ox Clan Camp, purple light set, Dunland

chest: Ceremonial Dress, green version from the Celondim barter, summer festival reward

back: Summerdays Cloak, gold dye, summer festival barter reward

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