Firith is the Sindarin name for the time in the elven year (Calendar of Imladris) which correspond to the period between autumn and winter known as “fading”. The nights get colder, the sky turns darker, the leaves change from gold to brown, and start falling.
1716Harvstmath festival has started on lotro, and as all festivals it brought us some new cosmetic items. The theme for this year is the “spooky bat”. The robe, although being an old design has a nice color scheme, the only thing that I don’t like about it, ironically, is the black bat stitched on the back… but it can be covered with a cloak XD The cloak of Autumn Nights is an old Harvestmath cosmetic, it has a pattern and colors similar to those of the robe 1199 1791 The new Spooky Bat horse and warsteed caparison (it can be dyed) have the same pattern of the robe, you can see the bat stitched on the side of the blanket.3816 4979
shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Resolve, violet dye, medallion barter at Ox Clan camp, Dunland (purple light set)

chest: Spooky Robe of the Bat, violet dye, Harvestmath festival reward

hands: Elven gloves of Fate, violet dye, world drop

feet: Gardener’s boots, violet dye, Farmer’s Faire reward

back: Cloak of Autumn Nights, gold dye, Harvestmath reward


hide: Shaggy roan hide, lotro store

caparison: Spooky Bat caparison, indigo dye (free color), Harvestmath festival reward

8 thoughts on “Firith

  1. Beautiful colors and lighting. Love that shot where she looks up! With these colors the combination doesn’t even look so bad and you made the design look really attractive.

  2. Gorgeous combination, I love it! I agree with Hymne, the shot where she’s looking up is really nice, with the dramatic lighting, the dark background and hint of orange leaves showing. The shoulders pull the purple colour into the back view and really bring it all together. Fantastic!

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