Woman of Secret Shadow

…she was wont to fly in vampire’s form to Angband; and her great fingered wings were barbed at each joint’s end with an iron claw.”
The SIlmarillion, chapter 19: Of Beren and Luthien.



Thuringwethil was a  a fell Maiar spirit of Aule, who became  servant of Sauron at Tol-Sirion during the First Age. She was able to take the shape of a bat-like creature, with barbed wings and with iron claws at the joints. She was his messenger, and was caught in the battle between her master, Lúthien and Huan at Tol-in-Gaurhoth (the Isle of Werewolves). She was either slain by Huan or fell in the collapse of Minas Tirith (the first Minas Tirith ever built, described in the Silmarillion). Lúthien wore her hide as a cloak, taking her shape to sneak into Angband during the Quest for the Silmarilli.



Her name is roughly translated in Sindarin as “Woman of Secret Shadow”, in  early version of the legendarium (Book of Lost Tales, History of Middle Earth) the name is said to mean “she of hidden shadow”. Dissecting the name, the closest translation could be  “thurin” as secret or hidden, “gwath” or “gweth” as shadow or obscure, and the ending “il” might denote the feminine gender.


Bat-like creatures like Thuringwethil are briefly mentioned in Tolkien’s works, indeed Sauron during the first age was also able to take the form of a bat-like creature, and this might have been the base for creating the Merrevail (morroval sing.) in the world of Lord of the Rings online. The tie to these creatures, both in game and in the books and actual vampires is a source of debate. In the outfit system there are no clothes that could really come close to the looks of the merrevail (and it is a good thing, I am sure all players have seen a morroval in game, their clothing just won’t fit our characters) so I tried to give the impression of leather, dark and bat-like. The inspiration for this outfit came from a gallery of merrevail posted by Tsuhelm, it was a challenge to come up with this outfit, and a lot of fun taking the screenshots, so thanks Tsuhelm 🙂


head: Ceremonial  Helm of the Hidden Dagger, washed, old Ettenmoors burglar set, the ceremonial version was part of one of the mannequin sets

shoulders:  Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, burgundy dye, classic skirmish camp barter

chest: Elven Cloth Jacket, light armour vendor in Rivendell

hands: Battle Leader’s gauntlets, burgundy dye, classic skirmish camp barter

legs: Elven Cloth Pants, light armour vendor in Rivendell

feet: Runemaker’s Boots, burgundy dye, classic skirmish camp barter

back: Plain cloak, burgundy dye, all outfitters in major cities sell it

8 thoughts on “Woman of Secret Shadow

  1. Really cool outfit! I like seeing some older pieces given a new lease on life and also how you matched the undyeable part of the shoulders to the detail on the chest piece and the knees of the leggings. And then of course the colour of the hem of the hood. Really nice! 😀

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