In memory of the Sunken City

Annúminas is the major city of the Evendim region.
It was the original capital of the Kingdom of Arnor in the north of Eriador, founded during the year 3320 of the Second Age by Elendil. It was the chief city of the Kings of Arnor for several centuries, and home to one of the three palantíri of the North-Kingdom and the Sceptre of Annúminas, the heirloom and symbol of kingship in the northern realm. The city survived for nearly a thousand years, in the early days of Arnor, it was one of the most marvellous sights of Middle-earth. Tyl Annûn is an island near the docks of Annuminas, from where the High Kings of Arnor used to rule.2980Soon after its founding, though, the numbers of the Numenoreans began to dwindle and around the year 861 of the Third Age with the split of Arnor the population of Annúminas started to decline, until the whole city became deserted, and the Kings moved to Fornost to the east. The only things that remained after were the Sceptre and the palantír
46711104 This elven wanderer has stopped to visit the ruins of the city, its loss great among both Men and Elves, as the Men of the West and the elves of Lindon were tied by deep friendship. Her garbs and her horse’s tack are fashioned in a mix of gondorian and elvish style, dyed in muted colors which reflect the atmosphere around the city’s ruins.
I love how with white dye, the dyable parts of this robe actually become powder blue. It goes really well with the cloak, and the horse’s hide comes close to the color of the sky :p

chest: Robe of the Solitary Thunder, white dye, Orthanc purple light set (runekeeper), barter at Ox Clan Camp in Dunland

gloves: Gloves of Lost Memory, loremaster set barter at Tinnudir

feet: Shoes of the Learned Master, barter in Ost Galadh, loremaster set

back: Cloak of the Silver Star, grey dye, barter at cosmetic skirmish barter or Lotro Store

horse: Prized Grey Company horse


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