Dragonslayer of the First Age

440518271844Born out of the forges of Angband, dragons were a threat for the people living in Beleriand during the first age. First of the Fire-drakes (Quenya: “Uruloki”) was Glaurung, the Father of Dragons, from him descended the first terrestrial, fire-breathing type of dragons. They were a cause of terror, but their scales and wings were a such sought-after trophy, for armour and cloaks crafted with these materials weren’t affected by the passing of time, and took little damage in battle. This elven warrior has ventured into a chain of mountains said to be the nest of a handful of these Uruloki. His cloak and armour are made to be resistant against the fire, his javelin is light, but sharp to be manoevred with ease. He seeks to bring home a great trophy, as well as the glory and honour of being called a dragonslayer. Will he conquer his foe, or will he be conquered by the Uruloki’s fire?066206241555It has passed a long time since I made an outfit for a male elf, so here is a bright, heavily decorated battle outfit for an elven warrior of the First Age, heavy armour, a rare thing for my blog XD  the Draigoch cloak I used here is the cosmetic version of the might cloak of the set at Lalia’s, is truly a gorgeous cloak!
I took a little liberty with the short lore explanation, although no other dragon slayers are known in Middle Earth aside Turin who killed Glaurung, Earendil who defeated Ancalagon the Black with the light of the Silmaril, Fram who conquered Scatha and his treasure, and Bard who killed Smaug with a single arrow, I like to think that there had been others throughout the First Age that went adventuring in search of these beasts and challenged them in battle. That we know nothing of these aspiring dragon slayers may be a hint that the predators turned into prey, and it didn’t end well for them…
I got the inspiration for this outfit from this post by Starry Mantle, I recommend to check it out, and also read the interesting discussion that accompanies the images, the Wereworms are part of the “obscure” topics of Tolkien Legendarium that are always fun to explore, akin to the early dragons 🙂

shoulders: Ceremonial shoulders of the Lady’s Favour, red dye, Lalia’s market

chest: Chestplate of the Indomitable Protector, red dye, Draigoch armour set for Guardian, barter in Galtrev

hands: gloves of the Impossible Shot, red dye, Draigoch armour set for hunter, barter in Galtrev

legs: Shield-mastsr’s leggings, red dye, classic skirmish barter

feet: High Warden’s boots, red dye, barter in Ost Galadh, warden set (share appearance with the warden Dar Naburgud set, barter in Caras Galadhon)

back: Ceremonial Draigoch cloak of Might, Lalia’s market

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