Dorwinion red, Dorwinion white

Dorwinion is a land on the northwestern shores of the Sea of Rhûn, surrounded by the river Celduin. Dorwinion is the land where the special wine of the Elven-king Thranduil comes from, which was strong enough to get even Elves drunk and fall asleep, in The Hobbit book an elf guard and a butler are described drinking a good amount of this wine, falling asleep shortly after, dreaming of sweet and happy things, for this is the most peculiar quality of the wine2031It is known that the elves of Mirkwood traded extensively with the people of Dorwinion. The crates of wine were sent from Dorwinion to Mirkwood and then by way of the Forest River to Lake-town on Long Lake. This elf is one of Thranduil’s traders, waiting for the next stock of crates to float their way down the Celduin ready to get carried ashore. They will then be restocked and send upriver again to Thranduil’s realm4554 0241Dorwinion means “Land of Wines” and comes from the Sindarin “dor” as “land” and “winion” as “wine” (there is some speculation about this word, it is either supposed that it is a mannish word, as the land was mostly inhabited by men during the early dominion of Gondor, or even much ancient and referred as a primitive form of Avarin or Nandorin from the time the elves passed through the land during the Great Journey). Tolkien himself commented that the Elvish name in such a remote location is a “testimony to the spread of Sindarin” (mentioned in the “History of The Hobbit” book). Being located in the eastern part of middle Earth, it is possible that looking eastward one could see the great mountain range of the Orocarni0384In the early versions of the legendarium, this land is called Dorvinion or Dor-Winion, specifically in “The Lay of the Children of Húrin” its wine was famous among the Dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost. It was said there to be located in the south of Beleriand, which would make it a differet Dorwinion. in the “The Lost Road and Other Writings” (History of M.E. vol 5) Tolkien once mentioned Dorwinion as a location of Tol Eressea. The name though passed on its current meaning in “The Hobbit” book0734In lotro, we don’t get mention of Dorwinion in the South Mirkwood region, but we can buy red and white versions of the wine from Sogadan the vitner in Rivendell. While I could have taken the screenshots at the vineyards in Lorien or Falathlorn, I thought neither of them had the appearance I wanted for Dorwinion, and I went to Eregion instead. Holly trees instead of vineyards make it for a “wilder” look, and holly is also appropriate for Christmas time, haha XD

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Wandering Around Arda!24042424
**map excerpt from the AtLas of Middle Earth

chest: Insightful Assault Robe of the Deep, turquoise dye, crafted tier 9 light

hands: Gloves of long memory, turquoise dye, Tinnudir barterer, loremaster set

feet: boots of Hopeful Melody, turquoise dye, classic skirmish barter

back: Cloak of the unwelcomed guest, turquoise dye, Great River quest reward

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