Thlim Duilin

(note: I have a new monitor, I’m still tweaking the settings to get brightness and contrast right, if you think the images look to bright or too dark, let me know!)

Gondolin (Ondolinde in Quenya), the great Hidden City of Turgon was concealed from friend and foe alike during the First Age by the Encircling Mountains, and guarded from the sky by the giant eagles of Thorondor. Ulmo guided Turgon from Nevrast where he used to live to the hidden valley of Tumladen, and there he founded Gondolin. The city remained hidden for almost four hundred years; until Turgon and the Gondolindrim joined the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad in the year ofthe 471 First Age. Morgoth’s servants discovered Gondolin through the treachery of Maeglin, son of the Avari elf Eol and Aredhel, Turgon’s sister. The High King and his city fell in the year 510 F.A.  but some of the citizens, including Tuor and Idril, with their child Eärendil escaped the destruction and dwelt at the Mouths of Sirion

They bore a fan of feathers on their helms, and they were arrayed in white and dark blue and in purple and black and showed an arrowhead on their shield” J.R.R. Tolkien. “The Book of Lost Tales, part II”, The Fall of Gondolin1884Male elves of Gondolin all belonged to Houses, ruled by an elf lord. The House of the Swallow was one of the Twelve Houses of the Gondolindrim, mentioned in the Fall of Gondolin as being under the elf lord Duilin.  It was a house of archers, and described as wearing a fan of feathers upon their helms, their armour was fashioned in white, dark blue, purple and black.  Their emblem was that of an arrowhead. During the Fall they stood upon the walls of the Gondolin, and many were thrust to doom when the enemy came from behind after passing through the North Gate26704593This elf is a member of Thlim Duilin or House of the Swallow, a lookout dressed with the colors of his House. Gondolindrim will be a new serie of outfit, with my male elf as model who decided it was time for him to be more involved in the blog XD I’d like to try and make the outfits for the houses close to the description in the book, but due to the limitations of lotro’s clothing I think that some variations are inevitable… oh well :p30402922head: Far Arrow’s helmet, white dye, classic skirmish barter level 65 set

chest: Elven Steel breastplate of fate, white dye, world drop

hands: Battle Leader’s gauntlets, violet dye, classic skirmish barter

legs: Far Arrow’s leggings, classic skirmish barter level 85 set

feet: Battle Leader’s boots, violet dye, classic skirmish barter

back: Swan Cloak, violet dye, lotro store


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