13961786The only thing that the robe and staff I used in this outfit have in common is that they belong to the loremaster class, I always felt they were meant to be together. The robe is barterable in Tinnudir, any class can actually get it but non-LM have to equip it through the wardrobe. The star stitched on it is the emblem of Numenor, and later Arnor-Gondor.
28302770Amarth is the sindarin word for “fate”. It is also the first part of this staff’s name. At the end of the Second Age, the Last Alliance of Elves and Men against the forces of Sauron fought bravely to defend their beloved Middle Earth. Fate was a cruel mistress that day, for the Free People were victorious, but Elendil and Gil-Galad were lost to them. There will never be such an Alliance in future, but there are still groups of Elves and Men who collaborate to keep watch over the lands of the Free People. This elf is one of them; she wears a mix of elvish and arnorian clothes, representing the friendship between the two races1592

chest: Robe of Long Memory, barter in Tinnudir (Evendim)

gloves: Gloves of Long Memory, barter in Tinnudir (Evendim)

feet: Ceremonial Quiet step boots, cosmetic skirmih barter

staff: Amarthis, selectable reward for the lore-master class quest: A Lore-master’s Will.

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