4081Calemir means “green jewel” (calen, green + mîr, jewel) in sindarin, and for this post it refers to the beautiful gem encased in this lore master staff. Staves and shields are in my opinion the most varied and interesting “cosmetic” weapons in lotro. Crafted shields, world drops and instance rewards have their use throughout the life of a lotro character, but loremaster staves, be them crafted or found elsewhere become obsolete after gaining the respective Legendary version, at the early level of 45. I always thought it a shame, because legendary weapons have a limited design and the same for many levels, while the more interesting crafted ones get trashed, or stored in the Vault. The lotro team has stated multiple times that cosmetic weapons are unlikely to happen, so… not getting my hopes up XD51142160For roleplay purposes, this old weapons can still be of use. I enjoy dusting off this items from the storage, and “wear” them with something that matches. The gem in the staff here needs no additional decorations but a fine branch to be encased, and I tried to do the same for the outfit. The dress is simple, but elegant and the shoulders are just enough to give it a fresh look2588Wearing dresses while wandering in the wild? Absolutely!loremist

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, turquoise dye, skirmish camp classic barter

chest: Elegant dress, turquoise dye, cosmetic barter, skirmish camp

staff: Carved lebethron staff, crafted woodworker tier 4


2 thoughts on “Calemir

  1. I know this is a bit of a late comment but I wanted to say this is beautiful! and also my baby minstrel’s name! I loved coming across this and seeing someone else with that beautiful name and a beautiful outfit to boot! Great job!

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