07905617I was away on holiday this week and didn’t get to search anything lore-ish for this post, so I thought about showing a simple, ‘every day’ outfit I have been using for some time on my characters who have the Spotted warsteed skin. Warsteed colours and equip dyes are store only and quite costly, and many players have been discouraged about the price. I myself have purchased only a few hide colours. The Spotted hide is a random drop from Warband boxes, obtainable by defeating the various warbands roaming the land of Rohan. It is the only free hide cosmetic so far, and still better than the default grey. I have been searching for some clothes with circle pattern to match the spots of the hide, and the new tier 9 armour got a use again. The stitching and round belt of the robe are nice details to go with hide spots 🙂
252807435772shoulders: Elegant silk mantle, Dunland quest reward

chest: Westemnet Campaign Robe, white dye, crafted tier 9 light armour

hands: Gloves of the Vicious Proclamation, white dye, barter in Annuminas, runekeeper set

feet: Soft Stitched Boots, white dye, outfitters

warsteed: Spotted hide, default colour, random drop from Warband boxes

2 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. Those are the best boots I’ve been able to find as well. All the others clip an bleed terribly. My minstrel (elf) and loremaster (woman) have been using this outfit to quest in the Westemnet as well. It looks very pretty with the spotted horse unsaddled!

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