On the lakeshore, thinking of the seashore

“Galadriel crossed Ered Lindon with Celeborn and came into Eriador. When they entered that region there were many Noldor in their following, together with Grey-elves and Green-elves; and for a while they dwelt in the country about Lake Nenuial.” — J.R.R. Tolkien,  Unfinished Tales1752 Evendim was for many years the centre of the capital of Arnor, Gondor’s twin kingdom in the north of Middle Earth. Its lake, called Neunial in sindarin (twilight) is a magnificent sight, its waters revered by both Numenoreans and elvenfolk. It was not surprising to see in the spring of Arnor, elves visiting the lake, praising its beauty and blessing its waters. Even after the decline of the kingdom, what has remained of it hosts the rare visits of the fair folk, it may be that the sight of lake Neunial is a balm against sea-longing4646Maybe I bent the lore a little bit in favour of this post and to make it fit with the citation from Tolkien’s book, but I think I can give a reasonable reason for doing so… haha 🙂 With the release of Update 13, exec. producer Aaron Campbell also released a letter talking about the upcoming plans for 2014. The thing that made me most happy, was reading that Gondor is getting close, and Dol Amroth and Pelargir will be included later in the year. When I created one of my main elves two years ago I chose in the options to make her an elven lady from Edhellond, the elf haven located near the mouth of river Morthond, in gondorian territory. The same harbour from where king Amroth of Lorien found his demise, trying to reach the ship where his beloved Nimrodel was. In some way, Edhellond being close to both Dol Amroth and Pelargir makes them also part of her homeland, and being both sea towns, I hold the tiny, flickering hope that in the future we may see a glimpse of Edhellond and Belegaer as well. But until that day, Lake Neunial and Annuminas are the places I could say have most common points with gondorian seashore. I hope I made sense XD Also, I finally found a match I like for this feathery cloak who has been sitting in my vault since the Great River days13923581shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, evendim blue dye, minstrel Watcher raid set, ceremonial version at Lalia’s market

chest: Exquisite long sleeved dress, evendim blue dye, Anniversary reward from Cosmetic box or Auction Hall

back: Cloak of Unshakeable Mettle, white dye, Great River quest reward

3 thoughts on “On the lakeshore, thinking of the seashore

  1. Amazing use of that dress! I’ve always thought it to be too gaudy, but you’ve made it look ever so elegant!

    I too am looking forward to the new zones and I can definitely understand your feelings at the same time. My champion had a bit of a background story when I first made her. She came from Rohan, specifically from Aldburg. I honestly never expected to see that very city. It’s just one of those indescribable feelings, something akin to joy and anticipation, bringing your characters (or outfits) one step closer to the lore. 🙂

    • Thanks Nathrien! That’s great, your character got to see her home! 😀

      I have tried in the past to match that dress with other pieces and in other colors, but I never liked the result and always reverted to blue dyes… maybe the watery theme redeemed it a bit in my eyes XD

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