Scout of the Bruinen

49124585The Ford of Bruinen was the crossing of the river Bruinen (Loudwater in the common tongue) on the path to Rivendell, its waters were under the power of Elrond Halfelven.
On the 20th October T.A. 3018 Aragorn and Glorfindel led the four hobbits, with Frodo riding Glorfindel’s horse Asfaloth towards the Ford when suddenly the Ringwraiths came down upon them and Glorfindel ordered his horse to flee. Asfaloth bolted ahead and surpassed the black horses of the Ringwraiths that tried to cut off the escape. The Riders entered the Ford to capture Frodo but a sudden flood of water swept them away. This flood killed the horses of the Ringwraiths and their physical forms, which was the cause of their later use of Fellbeasts.09023470After Frodo’s arrival in Rivendell, Lord Elrond sent out scouts to ascertain of the Nazgul’s fate. This elf is one of them, she swiftly rode from the Vale to the Ford of the Bruinen, in search of any trace of the rider’s demise. Her clothing is practical, dyed in muted colors and all fashioned from leather, to give her freedom of movement and basic protection at the same time. The same light armour has been donned on her horse. Scanning the riverbank, she will soon find the cloaks and horse bodies of the Riders caught in the sudden flood18155421 This outfit goes together with the previous post one. The crafted level 95 armour has a versatile design, good for all races and very nice for hunter-y themes, and it matches the steed of Dol Baran 🙂1499 head: Helm of Éomer, black dye, tier 8 crafted medium level 85,

shoulders: Combat Shoulders of the Deep, tier 9 crafted medium set, level 95

chest: Combat Armour of the Deep, tier 9 crafted medium set, level 95

hands: Combat Gloves of the Deep, tier 9 crafted medium set, level 95

legs: Combat Leggings of the Deep, tier 9 crafted medium set, level 95

feet: Ceremonial boots of the Cudur, black dye, Lalia’s market

back: Fine quiver, black dye, tailor crafted, recipe can be obtained during Spring Festival from a Green Gift Box

horse: Steed of Dol Baran, lotro store

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