Bluebell blue

5310Ethuil is in full swing, and like every year it brings warm breeze, flora rejuvenates, and fields are full of beautiful flowers of the most different colors. However, the winds of spring are late to blow in certain places of Midle Earth. Thinglad is one of these palces. located in the outskirts of Lorien, this region has lost the protection of the Lady of the Golden Wood long ago, the mallorn trees are still whitered, and flowers grow sparse. This elf maiden set out from the vineyards of Lorien in search of bluebells, her favorite flower. in the gardens of the Galadhrim this flower is not common. It is her hope that in the wild ground of Thinglad the bluebell can still be found, growing free from the influence of the Lady’s power along the bank of the Anduin. She admires the beautiful shade of blue and the bell shape of the flower, so much that even her clothes and the horse’s are decorated with a floral motif. If bluebells are in bloom in forgotten Thinglad, she will certainly find them34334503The Spring festival 2014 has started! The theme for this year’s cosmetic is the Trellis in flower, like the house decoration that can be obtained from Lorien barterers. It is again a blanket, tunic and cloak. The cloak and caparison I like, but the robe is my least favourite of all new festivals. And so perfect for a challenge and make it look a bit decent! I personally like it in sea blue, or turquoise. I am 90% sure the 3 flowers are meant to be bluebells, and so went for blue dye XD. The rare drop from the new recipe of bluebell flowers is the bluebell bulb, new material required to craft steel blue dye25-73 56-45 46-75
shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Resolve, sea blue dye, medallion barter at Ox Clan camp, Dunland (purple light set)

chest: Trellis-weave robe, sea blue dye, 2014 spring festival reward

hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, sea blue dye, Dunland quest reward

feet: Gardener’s boots, sea blue dye, Farmer’s Faire reward

back: Trellis-weave cloak, sea blue dye, 2014 spring festival reward

hide, tail, mane: white

caparison: Trellis-weave caparison, sea blue equipment dye color, 2014 spring festival reward

2 thoughts on “Bluebell blue

  1. Beautifully done! That’s the only color I find agreeable with that robe 🙂

    And with the word “trellis” in the name, all I could only think of the many rose trellises she used to have. The flower could have very well been a rosebud as well. A shame red, crimson, and rose are jarring colors for these new cosmetics!

    • aaah, that’s true about the flower, could have been roses, I immediately discarded red and was so surprised by sea blue that i started writing blue everywhere in the post XD

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