Weatherstock wayfarer

outfit non-outfit post! Weatherstock VI is getting closer (June 14th), it is the biggest music celebration hosted in Lotro, created by the Lonely Mountain Band on the server Landroval. this event is very famous, with music bands and visitors who come together for one day, enjoying the wonders of lotro’s ABC system on the top of weathertop in Lone Lands. 0508I recommend to attend this event, it is big, epic, exciting and an experience totally worth the… lag that will be on Amon Sul the 14th of June XD last year Weatherstock had a peak of 700 visitors, a profusion of colors and people the Lone Lands only see once a year. Because of the great number of people, some adjustments to your graphics are appropriate if you think to attend the concert. it does not mean you can’t be fashionable anyway! But to help avoid the lag as much as you can, it is best to not equip cloaks, hats or shoulders and unequip any weapon you might have at the moment; the more items you wear, the more your pc and that of others has to render all this objects, and of course this just creates more lag. Use bright dyes like sea blue, rose or yellow and you’ll be sure to be noticed from afar even wearing the simplest of outfits. my elf escaped the threat of yellow dye by wearing the wonderful PVMP burglar Hotpants! Courtesy of Lalia; not bad in white I’d say :p

Do not stay mounted, as horses are big and heavy to render. Also you’ll likely block the visual of other people, so mounts are a big no! Big loremaster pets like eagles and bears fall in this category too. Also, forced emotes can be annoying is someone keeps spamming them over and over, you can disable F.E. by going to options menu -> social panel and uncheck the last box (Enable forced emotes) under Misc.

Finally, turn down your graphics to the lowest, and in the advanced tab reduce the quality of displayed crowd. Music is unaffected by this changes, and the goal of Weatherstock is to enjoy the bands playing as much as you can! In this post from last year you can see a sample of how many players there were, all cheering and revelling together šŸ˜€

Before the big day though there are a series of concerts hosted by the single bands, to get the crowd to know them. All the events related to Weatherstock are posted on the site Lotro Artist

The title of the post refers to an ingame title that players who participated in last year’s Weatherstock received, and I made it the theme of the outfit in this post also. Will you be there? You can’t miss it! Let’s go to Weatherstock! šŸ˜€

chest: Disused Robe of the Dunland Soothsayer, Dunland quest reward

legs: Ceremonial leggings of the unseen (aka the burg Hotpants!), white dye, Lalia market

feet: Threadbare Shoes of the Dunland Healer, dunland quest reward


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