1529Lothlórien is a kingdom of Silvan Elves on the eastern side of the Hithaeglir mountain range. It is considered one of the most beautiful and places in Middle-earth during the Third Age, where elven influence is stronger than any other haven and has the only mallorn-trees east of the sea.24814380The first inhabitants of the region later known as Lórien were a group of Nandor elves that refused to cross the Hithaeglir. Lórien was probably one of their scattered settlements in the area. Later, however, as the power of the dwarves of Moria grew, they relocated to the eastern side of the river Anduin, across its affluent, the Nimrodel. The land in which they dwelt (the forest east of the Hithaeglir, above Fangorn and below Mirkwood) became known in the Silvan tongue as Lórinand, or Laurelindórenan. The name used in later years, Lothlórien, means “Lórien of the Blossom” (sindarin loth: flower-blossom + quenya Lórien : dream land). Treebeard in his encounter with Merry and Pippin translates the name as “Dreamflower”. The name was often shortened to Lórien, it also got the surname “Golden Wood” because of the mallorn trees that only grow in its surroundings. Other names recorded for Lothlorien can be found in Tolkien’s book “Unfinished Tales” (ed. by Christopher Tolkien), in the notes for the chapter “The History of Galadriel and Celeborn”:

Laurelindórenan: Quenya for “Valley of Singing Gold”
Lórinand: Nandorin for “valley of gold”
Laurenandë: Quenya for “Valley of gold”
Glornan: Sindarin for “Valley of gold”
Nan Laur: Sindarin for “Valley of gold”
Lindórinand: Nandorin for “Vale of the Land of the Singers”
Dwimordene: names used by Rohirrim as dispregiative: “haunted valley”.

34193495I finally found a match I like for this old spring festival cloak. If I remember correctly, the Spring Flinger cloak was the first of the spring-y cloaks introduced in game. I always thought it has sort of an “ancient” look to it, and I got inspired to make a post about Lorien’s beginnings. Shoulders are an optional because both cloak and robe are heavily decorated and go well by themselves, but personally I felt the outfit incomplete, and added the RK Dol Guldur shoulders, dyed yellow. Yay for yellow dye.

shoulders: Runemaker’s shoulders, yellow dye, classic skirmish barter

chest: Robe of the Seven Stars, skirmish cosmetic barter

hands: Gloves of the Seven Stars, skirmish cosmetic barter

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes, yellow dye, Great River quest reward

back: Spring Flinger cloak, washed, spring festival reward

5 thoughts on “Laurelindorenan

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  2. I have to say that’s a FANTASTIC repurposing of an old cloak. I would have never imagined combining it with the Robe of the Seven Stars. That cloak, along with its similarly colored counterpart, has been a cosmetic challenge the past year or so…and I feel inspired to try using it again!

    • thanks Nathrien! 😀

      I had it in the depths of my vault for so long, I was never happy with any pairing, this one I do like though 🙂

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