Mithlond border guard

16815584 Mithlond or the Grey Havens is an Elvish port on the Gulf of river Lhun in the Elven realm of Lindon in Middle-earth. Founded at the beginning of the Second Age by the surviving Elves of Beleriand after the great war against Morgoth destroyed the whole region, its remains are now called Lindon. It is a place of great cultural importance to the Elves; the Grey Havens in a short period of time became the primary Elven settlement west of the Misty Mountains prior to the establishment of Eregion and then Rivendell. Even after the death of elven king Gil-galad, as the Elves dwindled in numbers by the year, The Grey Havens remained a buzzing settlement where Elves would journey and dwell until it was their time to leave the eastern shores33292873This elf is a guardian of the road that connects Lindon with Ered Luin. Although only elves are seen traversing the road from the northern dwellings to the sea shores, this guardian knows to be always alert for anything that is amiss. His heavy armour is decorated with a motif of swans, ever favorite birds of the Elves and symbol of the white swanships2950Another attempt of taking the new Dol Amroth armour out of his race of Men contest and slap it on my elven characters XD I think the design of this armour can be used very well for an elven knight, and the swan motif associates perfectly with Mithlond, Edhellond, or even Alqualonde of old.

shoulders: Heavy nadhin shoulders, reward for volume 4 book 1 epics or barter in Dol Amroth

chest: Heavy nadhin armour, reward for volume 4 book 1 epics or barter in Dol Amroth

hands: Scout’s Weathered Leather Gloves, steel blue dye, dunland quest reward

feet: Heavy nadhin boots, barter in Dol Amroth

back: Windsinger cloak, steel blue dye, lotro store

back 2: Radiant cloak, grey dye, crafted tier 5

7 thoughts on “Mithlond border guard

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  2. Just mentioning Mithlond is such a tease. I’ve secretly hoped we’ll get the chance to visit Lindon in the future. This is a wonderful ensemble, and doubly so by providing options for two disctinct racial feels πŸ™‚ It’s a great way to repurpose something very much Gondorian.

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