Eregion or Hollin in the tongue of Men was a kingdom of the Noldorin Elves in Eriador during the Second Age, between the West Gate of Khazad-dûm and the forests of Trollshaws. In the Third Age, Eregion now is a pleasant but unpopulated land, the only thing left from the War of the Elves against the armies of Sauron (Second Age 1697) are the ruins of the Elven civilization that once thrived there, the Smiths, the Jewellers or Mirdain under the lordship of Celebrimbor. The great holly trees are famous and in fact are what gave the name Eregion (Hollin in Westron) to this land. Despite its beauty and fresh air, Eregion nowadays is not so safe. Flocks of crebain can be seen roaming the sky, scavenger wargs, orc waylayers and other creatures of evil are sadly to be foundThis huntress is known among the explorers of Eregion as Wilindis, the Bird Lady ( quenya, wilin: bird + níssë: woman). Swift and quiet as a bird’s glide is her walk, and light. From Pend Eregion to High hollin, and the shadows of Caradhras she scouts the land in search of ill creatures to slay with her bow. Made from a holly branch and embellished with white feathers, arrows shoot swift and true from the bow of Wilindis, silent and effective as a bird catching his prey In my opinion this bow is another gem among legendary items. It is not as pompous as the one I showed in a previous post, more discrete but beautiful nonetheless. I tried to put in the outfit colors that would look pleasant along with the bow, I couldn’t find that exact hue of brown though… oh well. Also, yay for improbable archery poses XD

shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the west shoulders, rust dye, barter in Harndirion

chest: Radiant dwarf’s make armour, White dye, crafted tier 5 light

gloves: Footman’s gloves, White dye, crafted tier 6 medium

legs: chest: Radiant westernesse leggings, White dye, crafted tier 5

feet: Lesser Memory of the west shoes, rust dye, barter in Harndirion or Lalia market

bow: third age Legendary bow level 51, random drop or auction

4 thoughts on “Wilindis

  1. That first screenshot is absolutely fantastic. Great angle! I also like the color scheme of the entire ensemble and the way you blended it into the background of Eregion. Nice travel ensemble!

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