Late summer vintage

As the summer draws to end, and with it the time for cool beverages and delicate bouquets, the Fall season slowly makes its entrance, the weather gets colder, stronger and heavier drinks are brewed in the vineyards05-6959-77This elf lady is looking around the Vineyard of Lorien, in search of the last few bottles of cool, light summer wine. Almost all the grapes have been harvested, the tubs are empty and the remaining bottles stored away for the next cycle. But there may be a forgotten flask somewhere, she hopes!46-3602-29Last summery outfit too! Nothing more to say about it, except that the vintners in Imlad Lalaith don’t wanna hear about sharing their wines :/ Inspiration for this outfit came from this ensemble by Lorinell, Grape Gathering. I really like the theme 🙂47-24shoulders: Silken mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, Dunland quest reward

chest: Elegant dress, rust dye, cosmetic skirmish barter

back: Cloak of the Midsummer, summer festival reward

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