O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
despair not! For though dark they stand,
all woods there be must end at last,
and see the open sun go past:
the setting sun, the rising sun,
the day’s end, or the day begun.
For east or west all woods must fail…

(sung by Frodo while traversing the Old Forest, Lotr book1, Fellowship of the ring)

55-75Iavas is the Sindarin name for the period of time that corresponded to late summer and early autumn; 54 days between modern 12 August and 4 October. The Quenya name is Yávië23-9557-22Iavas beckons, and so this elf decided to welcome its coming by dedicating the music of his harp to it. He is clothed with the colors of the season, the tree stitched on his cloak symbolizes the change which happen to nature in this period, which is not bad as the canopy of green will turn in beautiful shades of gold and crimson. To it he sings and strums the harp’s strings37-80No bold colors for this first autumnal entry. I preferred soft, earthy tones to go with the landscape of the Trollshaws at dawn.

chest: Short elven robe, drop from Anniversary box, Auction Hall

gloves: Gloves of the West land, sienna dye, crafted tier 4 heavy

feet: Gardener’s boots, reward from Farmer’s Faire

back: Summer traveling cloak, sienna dye, Summer festival reward


4 thoughts on “Iavas

  1. I really enjoy the leather look to this robe. It’s a piece I’ve been after for many years now but have yet to find it. I think you chose a great cloak to go with it.

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