06,8505-34Nothing to say about this outfit except I finally found some boots and cloak that fit nicely the weird color scheme of Everstout and the Kine-hide leggings. The whole ensemble makes me think of autumn, yay!33-7611-74shoulders: Shoulders of the Beast Master, cosmetic skirmish vendor

chest: Everstout, drop from Carn Dum or auction

hands: Searcher’s gloves, orange dye, crafted light tier 6

legs: Kine-hide leggings, drop from Carn Dum or auction

feet: Stone-readers boots, dark green dye, teal Moria raid set lore master

back: Wrap of the turning leaves, dark green dye, Harvestamth festival reward


9 thoughts on “Colorful

  1. Ah, some of the most painful pre-Moria world drops to obtain. I may have to collect them again after seeing this outfit 🙂 What a great start to the Autumn season, Glored!

  2. Nice colorful autumn outfit:) I’ve used a similar chestpiece in an outfit for my burglar hobbit, but mine was called Wolfpelt coat. It seems to drop in Urugarth or Sarnur, in case someone wants to go farming for it:)

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