Soft nuances

38-2655-61Falathlorn is an area within Ered Luin in the south-eastern region which is mainly populated by elves. The name is sindarin for “Shore of the Water”, referring to river Lhûn running past its eastern border, and through it where the Eastway crosses the river eastwards. Falathlorn is directly connected with seven other areas, counting the Shire to where the Eastway goes.
New elf and dwarf characters will pass through Falathlorn after some time in Celondim and the Low Lands respectively. During festivals the refuge of Duillond (and the Festival Garden in spring) quickly wakes up this otherwise drowsy area with players.00-04Aside festivals indeed the area is pretty much silent, but that and the pretty landscape are what makes me return there from time to time just to spend a moment gazing at the sky and listening to the nice background music. And that sky! Is one of my favorites in the game, so I tried to match it with an outfit. The cloak I used I also like a lot. The design is unique, as is the case for other Dunland quest rewards and the default colors as seen here are soft and… well ladylike XD 25-8538-93shoulders: Light nadhin shoulders, navy dye, mob drop or AH lvl 50+, lvl 100 at Dol Amroth vendor

chest: Elegant dress, violet dye, cosmetic skirmish vendor

back: Dunland Caretaker’s cloak, Dunland quest reward

5 thoughts on “Soft nuances

  1. Beautiful! It’s elegant and, for the most part, monochromatic…a tribute to simplicity 🙂

    …and it looks like I’ll have to scratch this outfit from my blog! Same pieces, same colors! I don’t know why, but I seem to be making outfits nearly identical to the ones you and Hymne make around the same time. You’ll see what I mean in a month or so once my autoposting schedule jumps into mid-November. Such are the pitfalls of binge outfitting :p

    • oh dear, I would not want to make anyone’s outfit to be set aside 😦

      the pieces “clicked” together yes…had that cloak take dust in my vault two years before dusting it off!

      • You posted it first and it’s not a problem 🙂 I get really conscientious when my creations coincide with someone else’s piece for piece, and it was bound to happen after four years of outfitting. It just means I’ll just have to play around with mine for a bit and give it a new spin!

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