Autumn sun

40-6309-88Iavasmereth has started in Lotro! This year the fall festival brings us yes another robe and cloak, but what a beautiful pattern they have! And they also dye beautifully. I tried a inconsuete mix for this outfit, the new autumn cloak with an old summer dress. I love how dyeing them crimson and red made the ensemble match!25-1341-94

shoulders: Songmaster’s shoulders, red dye, barter in Ost Galadh, minstrel trainer

chest: Long sleeved summer dress, red dye, summer festival reward

back: Cloak of the autumn sun, crimson dye, harvestmath festival reward


3 thoughts on “Autumn sun

  1. Breathtakingly gorgeous! That cloak works wonders with any of the summer tunics or summer dresses. I was tinkering around with the new cloak and old tunic earlier using combinations of rust, gold, and orange. If only I had collected the summer cosmetics on Crickhollow this year :p

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