Harvestmath festival 2014 caparison colors

Color preview of the new Harvestmath warsteed cosmetic (cost 60 tokens). The colors are from the free palette available to all players, plus the dye pack 3 from store

indigo – free
rust – free
orange – free
dark green – free
rose – free
yellow – free

ered luin blue – color pack 3, Lotro store
sea blue – color pack 3, Lotro store
white – color pack 3, Lotro store
navy – color pack 3, Lotro store

and the normal horse, which is a welcome change, not the boring grey hide, but chocolate brown with rust mane&tail

speaking of festivals, the kinship Second Breakfast on Crickhollow is hosting a Halloween themed fest “The Haunted Hill”! Location is the Party Tree, this upcoming Sunday at 1:00 pm servertime (5 pm gmt for Europe) the fest will have many contests, prizes and a fashion show! I have been invited to help judge the contest with Starry of The Starry Mantle and Nathrien of Material Middle Earth Roll a character on Crickhollow and join the festivities!



5 thoughts on “Harvestmath festival 2014 caparison colors

  1. Horses n blankets 😦 A nice blanket does not make a good mount…

    Any idea if there is a new Cloak, I am still using the scary bat cloak from last year, I love it!

    • there is a new cloak, you can see it in the post below the Mount 🙂 I actually really like the leafy pattern this year, I do have a soft spot for Leaves… and swany wings XD

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