Eternal winter

27-1952-01 Forochel is one of the regions available in the game Lord of the Rings Online, accessed via the northern end of Evendim. The language and culture of its people, the Lossoth, are modeled after the Finnish. An aurora borealis effect can be seen in the sky at night, it is the only land in the game world where this phenomenon is visible, and has been the only region for about 7 years before Gondor where Belegaer is visible (but playes will freeze to death if attempting to swim in it, be careful!)06-3016-50The aurora in Forochel and the atmosphere of the region at night are what inspired this ensemble. It is not winter yet, but I felt in the mood to do a cold weather outfit! The starting piece were the boots. They are unique looking and belong to the Dar Narbugud warden raid set (or the barter in Ost Galadh, same skin with a different name). The chest and leggings combo I used in an winter outfit waaay at the beginning of this blog, so I thought, why not dusting them off now XD49-29chest: Ceremonial breastplate of the North Star, violet dye, cosmetic skirmish barter

hands: Theliomaib, violet dye, barter in Echad Dagoras (Enedwaith) Grey Company rep vendor

legs: Ceremonial trousers of the Learned, violet dye, cosmetic skirmish barter

feet: High warden’s boots, violet dye, barter in Ost Galadh warden trainer (share appearance with DN raid set)

back: Windsinger cloak, violet dye, lotro store


2 thoughts on “Eternal winter

  1. I absolutely love the twilight colors here and such a creative use of the Captain’s chestpiece! I often avoid the Rift cosmetics, but I might have to look into them now 🙂

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