31-8801-79Eldacala means “elf light” in Quenya (elda-elf + cala-light). I wanted to feature the lovely rune keeper animations again in an outfit, and also do something a bit color crazy hehe. This is the result. The cloak of the northern light is a tricky match, because there is so much going on just in a single piece of clothing and often when I tried to make an outfit for it it ended up a bad harlequin. This one felt right to me though, and I got to use a often forgotten elven robe that exists since the birth of the game 😀33-8605-90shoulders: Light Nadhin shoulders, navy dye, mob drop, auction or barter in Dol Amroth

chest: Elven Robe, light armour vendor in Rivendell

hands: Gloves of Forgotten memory, navy dye, barter in Tinnundir, lore master set

boots: Gardening boots, red dye, Farmer’s faire reward

back: Cloak of Northern Light, lotro store

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