Golu o Maeth

“Golu o Maeth was composed, it is said, by a great scholar of ancient Doriath. It is one of the oldest translations of the fundamentals of Rune-craft, an examination of the Tengwar in particular and their relationship to the powers of combat. This lore was thought lost after the destruction of Beleriand, though rumors persisted that at least one copy was brought east of the Ered Luin before then. Age has not been kind to this volume, however, and many of its pages have crumbled to dust. Even so, Elrond of Rivendell would certainly regard it as a relic beyond compare.” (old lotro lorebook)29-2235-26This deed is available for Rune-keepers at level 39. It is started by buying the book Golu o Maeth from a Rune-keeper Trainer. The book is auto-consumed into this deed.
The first objective is to visit Elrond in his library in Rivendell.

This is the quest dialogue:

‘Do you know what this is, ? Do you realise what terrible loss has been undone? No, you cannot, for you were not there. You did not know the glories of Beleriand, and cannot understand what was lost when it was sundered. So much knowledge, so much lore…gone forever. ‘And yet, here is a piece of what was lost, returning to us unlooked for. The Golu o Maeth: my people spoke of it with awe when I was young, and have mourned its loss ever since. We have learned much about the link between runes and combat, of course, but to have this book in my presence is as the first time one hears the sweetness of a harp, or beholds the silver light of the moon. ‘It wounds me to find so many of its leaves ruined by the passing of time, though it is no great surprise. Thousands of seasons have passed, and it is a wonder that it survives at all. Yet if one copy escaped Beleriand’s doom, perhaps others did as well. If the lost pages were but recovered…but that, perhaps, is too much to hope….’ 30-1401-97This is a outfit I made a year ago for this class deed, with slight different pieces, and I decided to scrap it for a new look. In the old one i used the rk shoulders that go with the robe, but looking at it now, the wrap-around Mathom mantle looked better in my eyes than the old one. And I will never deconstruct the very first LI bag, as is the only one invisible and non disruptive on outfits, my rk is ‘wearing-not wearing’ it since she first went into Moria XD It is recognizable with the unique icon look rkbag35-54shoulders: Mathom hunter mantle, sea blue, reward from hobbit present (open with light class)

chest: Word-smith’s Robe, sea blue dye, teal Moria armour, runekeeper (same skin in Ost Galadh, and cross-class barterable in Echad Andestel)

feet: Lesser Scribe of the west boots, sea blue, barter in Harndirion

runekeeper bag: Moria intro quest LI (only invisible bag, do not decon it for fashion sake! XD)


6 thoughts on “Golu o Maeth

  1. Though both renditions of this outfit are unique and pretty, I find myself liking this one slightly more.

    And I never knew the first RK LI bag was invisible. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have deconned it four years ago :p

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