Ent light

47-70Wellinghall was one of the Ent-houses of Treebeard, formed by a narrow space in the flanks of Methedras, guarded by evergreen trees. The roofless ‘hall’ came to an end in a sheer rock wall, down which flowed a stream welling – hence the name ‘Wellinghall’ – from the springs of the River Entwash. The stream flowed down the rocky cliff, and fell across the arched entrance to an inner hall, where Treebeard kept his meagre furniture. From there, it flowed between the trees that lined the main space, and on to join again with the main flow of the Entwash. Wellinghall is best known as the place where Merry and Pippin stayed with Treebeard on the night before Entmoot, and where they tasted the Ent-draughts by Treebeard, and so grew to become the two tallest Hobbits recorded in the histories of the Shire.41-7705-61Growth in nature and growth in game! I tried to tie something loreish in this second post of new year, and attach the post with the official producer’s letter for anyone who has not read it on forums. The producer herself is new (welcome Vyvyanne!) and it seems this year they will focus on Group content after having left it in the background.
I am not that much of a grouper, preferring 3 and 6 mans every once in a while (BB included! I do like seeing them orcs fly away hit by the catapults) and I can count on my hands the times I did a proper raid (ToO shadow wing being my raiding highlight lol) but no playstyle should ever be alienated, so I am glad to read something will be done about it. A new pvp map? Well my furball of a warg will appreciate it if it really comes to life. Imbued LI? About time! EU servers back to EU, being in Europe myself, this is a most welcome news, especially if server performance is improved.
There is a bit more to the letter, so I encourage all to read it! Don’t take all it is written as granted right away though. It is a first plan, and plans are subject to change.
My hope is that there will also be some sort of new armour, who doesn’t like cosmetics? hehe. Personally what I would really love to see is the deed from the Erebor sets being lifted, Dar Narbugud sets at the skirm camp and the old old pvp sets at Lalia. wishful thinking :p16-7920-50 Back to the outfit here, I wanted to do something with the burglar BG set. I find the very dark base hue tricky to match, and for this ensemble had to use a mix of olive and rivendell green. The boots, I very rarely see wore by player, it seems they are kind of forgotten… it might be the huge undyable brown that makes them hard to match with anything. I tried to give it a leafy feeling, hope it is not a lefy mess instead XD

head: Ceremonial circlet of the Seven Stars, rivendell green dye, cosmetic skirmish vendor

shoulders: Wall-warden shoulders, rivendell green dye, classic skirmish barter

hands: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, rivendell green dye, Great River quest reward

chest: Leaf-walker jacket, olive dye, classic skirmish barter

legs: Ceremonial Shadow-stalker Leggings, cosmetic skirmish vendor

feet: Stone-Reader’s Shoes, rivendell green dye, loremaster Moria set

back: Golden tree summer cloak, olive dye, summer festival reward or auction

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