2015 Anniversary, Warsteed cosmetic early beta preview

Just like the title says! Bullroarer is open for testing Update 15.2, and among the things to test, unexpectedly and very early the anniversary event is also available. While there were no clothing, nor the regular steed in display (update, got the regular steed!) same for the cosmetics, if they are implemented in another round of beta, I will update this post), the caparison costs only 10 tokens, and I was able to get it! Yes it is a single caparison, no it is NOT a tablecloth! yay! The name is caparison of the Woodland Realm, the colors shown are from the free palette available to all players, plus gold and black.
(reminder all on the beta server is subject to change before hitting live servers)

normal steed, Steed of the Woodland Realm, 62% speed default name Alaglas
closeup pattern
lotroclient 2015-01-20 23-02-33-32
lotroclient 2015-01-20 23-02-48-82
dark green-free
lotroclient 2015-01-20 23-03-03-76
lotroclient 2015-01-20 23-03-19-56
lotroclient 2015-01-20 23-03-29-31
gold-dye pack lotro store
black-dye pack lotro store


11 thoughts on “2015 Anniversary, Warsteed cosmetic early beta preview

  1. I’m loving that caparison! So glad we’re starting to see things other than tablecloths. I’m definitely gonna get this on several of my characters. The cloak with the same pattern is pretty nice too, but i hope we get a hoodless version.

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