50-1419-08 I had this outfit unfinished in one of my warden’s slots for some days… I even intended to release it before today, but there was one piece of gear for which I couldn’t find a replacement. That is the pair of gloves here. Gloves of the Lady’s Grace, Minstrel Dar Narbugud raid set. In my opinion, the best elvish armour in the game cosmetic wise, and the raid itself is still not easy to do, due to its mechanics. It is also old. Dating Mines of Moria era, it has become one of those instances that people very very rarely run anymore, and the sets themselves are obsolete… if you are not a collector! So I grabbed my warden and decided to try it for myself. Well… it still one heck of a long instance even with a 100 toon. I got to the second boss which drops the elf stone for gloves, got it and happily left the instance. My mini is the lucky owner of this leaf-like pair of gloves 😀 of which only the fingertips dye, and I like how they go well with the brown straps on the chestpiece. And to keep the full White theme going, I just had to take screens in icy Forochel! haha XD10-1235-7636-16chest: Jacket of the Winding Road, White dye, Great River quest reward

hands: Gloves of the Lady’s Grace, white dye, Minstrel Dar Narbugud raid set

legs: Leggings of the Ent Friend, White dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes, white dye, Great River quest reward

back: Cloak of the Mark, White dye, crafted tier 8

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