53-1135-97I noticed I didn’t have a black and white outfit yet on the blog. An outfit with only black and white, with little to no other colours. In lotro, since many items don’t have a neutral base hue, dyeing them white results in washed up colours, or grey. Over the years there have been added more items with a solid color base (example the dunland quest rewards) but still, choice is not as large as it could be. For this outfit I used items from all over Middle Earth, and just two colours (or non-colours technically :P) to blend them42-5850-91shoulders: Medium Nadhin shoulders, mob drop, auction or Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Stitched vest of Fate , white dye, world drop

hands: Reinforced gloves of the Great Shore, black dye, Western Gondor quest reward

legs: Leggings of the Lavanhebron, Ox clan Camp (Orthanc) lore master vendor

feet: Polished Boots of the Dunland Shieldman, Dunland quest reward

back: Kingstead cloak, black dye, West Rohan quest reward


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