On the docks

14-92Celondim is a settlement in the south-eastern region of Ered Luin, on the river Lhûn, just south of Duillond. Celondim, Sindarin for “river dell”, has been the major port which ferried wood to Mithlond where the white ships departed for the West, and yet today it is a bustling settlement.21-2702-07Celondim has been our little Mithlond in game since 2007. I really ilke the docks area, with the cat and those poor fishermen who never seem to catch any fish :p. It is more interactive during the Summer festival. The cloak in this outfit has a beautiful wave motif, it is also unique, it comes from a quest in Carreglyn, Dunland, or purchased at the dunland rep vendors at kindred status. All dyed ered luin blue of course!45-1118-56shoulders: Heavy Nadhin shoulders, ered luin blue dye, mob drop, AH or barter at Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Elven dress, ered luin blue, barter in Rivendell, kindred status

back: Cloak of the Dunland caretaker, ered luin blue, quest reward or dunland rep vendor


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