Scholar of Elrond’s library

30-0600-76Featuring again the hunter’s jacket from Dar Narbugud! I don’t want to do one outfit after the other with this chest piece, but lately I have been tinkering a lot with it in many combinations hehe XD. It looks gorgeous in black, and actually I think it is nicer on a male model, as the leaves on the front don’t get covered by a female’s model chest :P. It is but a minor detail though. Also, padded gloves to not ruin the books cover! 02-7742-45chest: Armour of the Lady’s Discernment, black dye, Dar Naburgud hunter set, barter in Caras Galadhon

hands: Scorched Ox-hide Gauntlets, black dye, dunland quest reward

legs: Leggings of the Lavanhebron, barter at Ox clan camp (Orthanc) lore master set

feet: Far arrow boots, black dye, barter at classic skirmish vendor


One thought on “Scholar of Elrond’s library

  1. Oh at last a use for Elrond’s Library…I hate having to visit Elrond there…or maybe its just the vast nature of his house… it always strikes me as unelf-like in scale!

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