Unbroken will

29-4626-40“You are being held in the grip of a dream…”

Not quite, but close! The place of these screenshots is inside the mystic pool in the Mournshaws of Enedwaith, accessible via the quest The Wild Hunt: Arassiel’s spirit. It is part of a quest chain involving ancient spirits of old revered by the Algraig, and from what I know, unless it changed now, such instances are not repeatable at the Reflecting Pool near Lhanuch. I have the quest unfinished on this alt, so I can enter and exit at leisure in this beautiful landscape. It is also a bit of an experiment with the different lighting and bloom that are part of the surroundings39-7248-02The horse is the Prized Angmar’s Free Peoples Steed. This skill is granted from Hafgrim in Angmar, at kindred Standing with Council of the North. The default name for men and elves is Unbroken Will. I know this to be a steed beloved by many players, I decided to match it with something simple to acquire, the set is all barter able at the skirmish camp, save for the cloak which I got from one of the Erebor instances. If you don’t have it, the best replacement is Elrond’ cloak form the Epic quests (volume 1 ). Same skin, save that it is hooded.19-1354-72
head: Far-arrow’s Helm, classic skirmish camp vendor

shoulders: Far-arrow’s Shoulders, classic skirmish camp vendor

chest: Far-arrow’s Jacket, classic skirmish camp vendor

hands: Far-arrow’s Gloves, classic skirmish camp vendor

legs: Far-arrow’s Leggings, classic skirmish camp vendor

feet: Far-arrow’s Boots, classic skirmish camp vendor

back: Reclaimed Battlefield cloak, olive dye, Erebor instances drop

horse: Prized Angmar’s Free Peoples Steed


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